Bloody Good Severed Fingers Cake How To

Bloody Good Severed Fingers Cake How To

This severed-fingers cake is a snap to make!

Your "haunted mansion" soiree needs a frightening cake! Wilton's pre-made sugar "fingers" come in handy. Just ice a two-tiered cake, position sugar fingers and add shiny red icing gel for blood drips. Super easy and such a scream!


Yield Servings vary Level Advanced
Bloody Good Severed Fingers Cake
  • Favorite cake recipe or mix (21 3/4 cups batter used)
  • White Ready-To-Use Decorator Icing — 4.5 lb.
  • Chopped Fingers Royal Icing Decorations
  • Red Sparkle Gel
  • Three 6 in. x 2 in. Round Pans
  • Three 9 in. x 11/2 in. Round Pans
  • Cooling grid
  • 13 in. Angled Spatula
  • 6 in. cake circles
  • Cake plate
  • Dowel rods
Follow Instructions
Position Icing 1) Position Icing "Fingers"
These pre-made sugar fingers are quite "handy." Press decorations gently into icing to secure.
Add Blood! 2) Add Blood!
Use red Sparkle Gel to make dripping blood trails from cut end of each finger, allowing gel to drip over top and sides of 9 in. cake.
Add Splatters 3) Add Splatters
Squeeze red Sparkle Gel on end of spatula. Gently touch spatula on cake to create splatter marks.

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