Bloody Good Treats How-To's

Bloody Good Treats How-To's
7 Bloody Good Ideas

Make 'em shriek with terrifying cupcakes, candy apples, cake and more!

Throw a haunted mansion bash complete with chilling goodies.
From bloody cleaver cupcakes to eyeball pops, there'll be something unsettling for everyone!

Sweets & Treats Ideas

Bloody Good Severed Fingers Cake How To Bloody Good Candy Apples How To Bloody Good Chain Rattling Brownies How To
This severed-fingers cake is a snap to make! Blood icing = terrifying candy apples! Unchain some wicked-good brownies
How-To How-To How-To
Your "haunted mansion" soiree needs a frightening cake!
Dip apples in black Candy Melt then create a chilling (and realistic) effect with "blood" drips made from shiny red icing gel.
These "chain" icing brownies are straight from the dungeon!
Bloody Good Eerie Eyeball Pops How To Bloody Good Candy Pretzels How To Bloody Good Red Velvet Cleaver Cupcakes How To
Scary edible eyeballs on a stick! Candy-dipped pretzels… or bloody bones? These red velvet cupcakes are dripping with spooky style!
How-To How-To How-To
These will satiate your blood-thirsty guests!
Vampires, zombies and mortals alike will devour this tasty sweet-and-salty treat.
No one knows what happened in the kitchen... all that's left are these terrifying treats.
Bloody Good Halloween Treats Table Idea
Lay the foundation for a bloody delicious scene
They'll have nightmares about your dreadful dessert table!

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