Halloween Cocktail Recipes

Halloween Cocktail Recipes
8 Shocking Cocktails & Recipes

Creepy and classic drinks for a haunted Halloween party

A bewitching bar of shriek-worthy sippers!
Brew up a table of boooos-y drinks your grown-up goblins will love! Here you'll find a cemetery full of Shocktail ideas and serve up a to-die-for bar that'll quench the thirst of all monsters, mummies and vampires!

Drink Ideas

Halloween Black Widow Cocktail Recipe Halloween Corpse Reviver Cocktail Recipe Halloween Black Martini Cocktail Recipe
Black Widow Cocktail Corpse Reviver Bone Chilling Black Martini
Dare to try this creepy crawly concoction! Let your vodka-lovin' guests pick their poison with a Black Widow.
Wake up a party for the undead with this recipe.
Take a sip of this recipe for eerie black martinis.
Halloween Bloody Pina Colada Cocktail Recipe Halloween Classic Eyeball Martini Cocktail Recipe Halloween Bloody Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe
Pina Ghouladas Eyeball Martini Bloody Moscow Mule
Get into the spirit of Halloween with these frozen ghostly white favorites.
If you've only got eyes for traditional drinks, try this eye-catching spin on a dry martini.
Give the bloody treatment to any popular cocktail like a mojito or a margarita by adding some grenadine syrup to the bottom of the glass.
Halloween Goblin Mimosa Cocktail Recipe Halloween Maggotini Cocktail Recipe
Goblin Mimosas The Maggotini
It's alive! Make cocktails that look like they've been created in a mad scientist's lab.
Rotten to the core – and delightfully delicious!

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