Modern Halloween Sweets & Treat Ideas

Modern Halloween Sweets & Treat Ideas
8 Modern & sweet Ideas

Nibble on chic and eek ideas for a modern-looking Halloween treats table

Check out dipped Candy Melt treats, a boo-cute cake and more!
These sweet ideas are chic and eek! Plus, we have all of the step-by-step instructions to bring these stylish desserts to life.

Sweets & Treats Ideas

Modern Halloween Polka Dot Cake How To Modern Halloween Letter Cupcakes How To Modern Halloween Chevron and Dot Candy Apple Slices How To
Design a cake that screams style! Cast a delish spell with lettered cupcakes! An apple a day keeps the witches away!
How-To How-To How-To
This gore-geous Halloween cake is polka-dotted to perfection with yummy chocolate Sixlets®! Nibble on our Boo Polka-Dot Cake How-To for step-by-step decorating instructions. We DIY'd the sweet mini pennant flag with construction paper and candy sticks! So Pinterest-ing!
Match your cupcakes to the decor with bold block letters and candy polka-dots. Whip up these creepy-chic treats with our Halloween Cupcakes How-To, then show them off in mini trays arranged around your BOO cake. Shriek-tastic!
Add these yummy bites to the Halloween treats table for a dessert that's more fruitful than frightful. Sink your fangs into our Dipped & Decorated Apple Slices How-To for tips on dipping and dotting your apples to achieve that modern look all the monsters are raving about. Place your contemporary treats in plastic cups filled with coordinating candies and display on a white tray — spooktacular!
Modern Halloween Candy Dipped Chevron Cookies How To Modern Halloween Marshmallow Pops How To Modern Halloween Dipped and Drizzled Pretzel Pops How To
Chevron-striped cookies are tres cheeek! Munch on marshmallow-een treats! Salty and sweet is fun to eat!
How-To How-To How-To
Candy-coated cookies will tempt any sweet tooth (or fang!). Just dip peanut cookies into melted candy and pipe on a few adora-boo chevrons. Creep over to our Dipped & Decorated Cookies How-To for details and display on a tray of black Sixlets® for a spooky and stylish take on Halloween treats!
These yummy pops are trick-or-treat trendy! To get this spooky-cute look, just spray the 'mallows with orange Color Mist® and drizzle with melted candy. For all the details and decorating tips, nibble on our Candy-Drizzled Halloween Marshmallows How-To.
This treat's a triple threat! Start with a salty pretzel stick, then dip it in melted candy and drizzle with sprinkles or more Candy Melts® in contrasting Halloween hues. Check out our Dipped and Drizzled Pretzel Rods How-To for the easy tricks to make these bewitching treats. Stack the pretzels on a plate for easy grabbing by the ghouls and gals.
Modern Halloween Doughnut Pop How To Modern Halloween Sweets Table Idea
A booful bouquet of candy-coated pops! Polka dots, chevrons and stripes… oh my!
These quick-and-easy treats require just a couple tricks to make! Make your way over to our Quick Dipped Doughnut Holes How-To for tips on decorating with melted candy. Stand your shriek-worthy sweets in a container of orange jelly beans for a mouthwatering display everyone will want to sink their fangs into.
For an adora-boo Halloween dessert table, work some magic with trendy treats and decor to match.

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