Sexy Vampire Makeup How To

Sexy Vampire Makeup How To

Vamp it up as a bloodthirsty beauty!

Get your blood pumping with these step-by-step photos to create a dramatic vampiress look with special-effects costume makeup. Your fellow ghouls will fall in love at first bite! (Follow package instructions for safe makeup use around eyes and mouth.)


Level Medium
Sexy Vampire Makeup
  • White grease makeup
  • Makeup sticks in blue, black, and pink
  • Red lipstick
  • Fake blood
  • Setting powder
  • Makeup sponges
  • Fangs with adhesive
Follow Instructions
Apply white makeup 1) Apply white makeup
No one does pale and sultry like a vampire! Create this look on yourself by applying white grease makeup with a sponge, tapping to blend. Leave the area around the eyes clear of makeup for later steps.
Add contour 2) Add contour
Take blue makeup crayon and add contours around the hollows of the cheeks, jawline and eyes. Blend so the edges look hazy. Take the white and blue colors down to the neck and collarbone for a contour. Use white first as a highlight and then add blue as the darker contour color for a little undead-chic!
Detail the eyes 3) Detail the eyes
Using a sharp makeup crayon, edge the blue with black lines to add definition. Layer on white lines outside the black to create dimension. Add pink above the eyebrow and under the eyes to get that "up all night" glassy vampire gaze.
Add fake lashes for drama! 4) Add fake lashes for drama!
To accentuate this dressed-to-kill look, add black false lashes, eyeliner and red lipstick. Use fake blood as lipgloss and add a few drops off the corner of your lips — you'll look like a vampire that's recently indulged!
Seal the makeup 5) Seal the makeup
Dust your face all over with setting powder so the grease makeup lasts throughout the vampire masquerade!
Add fangs! 6) Add fangs!
Polish the fang-tastic look! Add the wig, the costume and, last but not least, bloody fangs. You'll be the most sultry vampire around!

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