Mad Hatter Makeup How To

Mad Hatter Makeup How To

Get Mad! Learn how

Just for your unbirthday, we've created a step-by-step guide to the easiest Mad Hatter makeup this side of Wonderland! Step through the looking glass and keep scrolling to find out how we took this costume from mad!


Mad Hatter Makeup How To
  • Makeup Kit
  • Orange wig or hairspray
Follow Instructions
Step One 1) Step One
Smooth on white face paint.
Step Two 2) Step Two
Add blue paint to the right eye then blend pink paint on and around both eyes. Use red and blue shadows to add depth to eyelids.
Step Three 3) Step Three
Color cheeks and lips in red.
Step Four 4) Step Four
Add a wig or spray hair orange. Top with a hat and a spot of tea.

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