Day of the Dead Makeup How To

Day of the Dead Makeup How To

Bring your costume to life!

Expect all eyes on you as you strut into the party as a Day of the Dead calavera. Scroll down for our makeup tutorial, and get inspired to create a sugar skull design as unique as you.


Day of the Dead Makeup How To Widget
  • Day of the Dead makeup kit, or
  • White and black makeup crayons
  • White makeup
  • Black makeup
Follow Instructions
1) Step One
Clean skin. Use a white makeup crayon or white eyeliner to draw circles around eyes and a jagged tip for the nose.
2) Step Two
Smooth white makeup outside of these lines using a makeup sponge.
3) Step Three
Use black makeup on a brush or a black makeup crayon to color in the circles and tip of nose.
4) Step Four
Use stencils or freehand details for your sugar skull using black makeup or a makeup crayon. Get creative, and don’t forget your mustache!

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