Kid-Friendly Halloween Drink Recipes

Kid-Friendly Halloween Drink Recipes
6 Kid-Friendly Yummy Ideas

Eerie and cheery drink ideas for a kid-friendly Halloween party!

Say boo and surprise the little ghosts with potions and brews!
Trick or treat, stir my drink! If you're planning a boo bash, these kid-approved "potions" that match the colors of Halloween will do the trick! Enchant them with green swamp juice, an icky black brew, candy-corn-inspired orange punch and a purple potion with a candy web on top.

Drink Ideas

Kid-Friendly Multi-Flavored Ice Cube Potion Idea Kid-Friendly Candy Corn Inspired Drink Idea Kid-Friendly Swamp Juice Drink Idea
Use multi-colored ice for a yucky-yummy drink! Candy-corn cute! Swamp juice for your ghouls!
It was a dark and chilling drink!
Create the candy-corn icon without actual candy corn!
Learn how to make this drink that looks gross, but tastes great!
Kid-Friendly Candy Cobweb Drink Idea Kid-Friendly Ghost Chalkboard Drink Sign Idea Kid-Friendly Halloween Drinks Table Idea
Get the trick to making edible cobwebs with candy melt! Decorate a boo-approved chalkboard! Which witch brew is for you?
Get inspired by these homemade candy webs!
Complete the table with a ghost-board sign!
This gravestone-shaped chalkboard is perfect for a Halloween table!

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