Haunted House Yard Ideas

Haunted House Yard Ideas
8 Spine Tingling Ideas

Create hilarious & haunting scenes with skeletons, tombstones and graveyard ghouls

What a scream!
Make it a graveyard smash with a mix of creepy and comical skeletons skulking around the yard! Skeletons carting around lazy bones, shrouded skulls and creepy critters among your tombstones are the perfect way to set the scene for a freaky-fun front yard. Check out the rest of these haunted yard ideas for more inspiration to give visitors goosebumps and giggles.

Decorating Ideas

Undertaker and His Dog Idea Wheelbarrow of Bones Idea Pile of Bones Tombstone Idea
Yard work never ends – not even for the dead! Look at these lazy bones! Make skeletons rest in pieces!
Tickle their funny bones with skeleton scenes in your front yard.
Stir up goosebumps and giggles with this freaky (and funny) wheelbarrow of bones.
Create a frightfully funny scene with a gruesome twosome trying to rise from the grave.
Haunted Heads Yard Idea Fog Breathing Zombie Idea Sinister Tombstones Idea
Creep out the neighbors with shrouded skulls! Hold onto your brains! Transform your lawn into a graveyard!
Out of the Underworld, straight to your yard!
Run don't walk – this zombie's fresh from the grave!
Welcome unruly spirits with a set of terror-ific tombstones!
Haunted Yard Tree Idea Haunted Draped Gauze Idea
This tree has been wanting to express itself for years! Use black gauze to create your haunted mansion!
Let Halloween spirits emerge from trees in your yard!
Use black gauze to spookify fences, doorways and porches.

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