Haunted House Entrance Ideas

Haunted House Entrance Ideas
14 Chilling Decorating Ideas

Simply spine-tingling haunted house decorating tips!

Set the scene for scares with a few posing porch guests.
Shroud your front yard in skeletons, ghosts, ghouls and other freshly dug decorations for maximum curb appeal (and disturb appeal)! A skeleton chap kicking back on the porch with a scattering of hanging reapers, a creepy cauldron o'bones, skeletal cats and glowing orange lights will create the perfect (grave) site for a haunted house. Halloween decorating ideas using skeletons can be funny or frightening. Get creative with easy ideas for a Halloween haunted house they'll scream for!

Decorating Ideas

Knitting Grandma Skeleton Idea Ghoul Greeter Idea Seated Skeleton Chap Idea
What nightmares is Grandma knitting? Assign a couple ghoul greeters to welcome victims! Share a nightcap with these old bones!
They'll want a closer look at this ghoulish granny!
Prepare them for a night of fright with hanging crypt keepers.
Create a humerus scene with a sharp-dressed skeleton!
Bats in the Belfry Idea Cauldron Of Bones Idea Halloween Three Hanging Porch Ghouls Idea
Decorations take flight with a flock of bats! What's brewing in this stack of bones? Three ghouls are better than one!
Give visitors a fright with winged nightmares awoken from their slumber.
A cauldron of curiosities placed by the door may make them think twice before entering!
Enhance the ex-FEAR-ience with this trio of hanging ghouls!
Halloween Roasting Heads Idea Halloween Skeleton Poker Table Idea Halloween Three Mini Ghoul Porch Idea
Show up to a blood-bath barbecue! They're playing five card draw, graveyard rules! These jokers don't understand the gravity of the situation!
Create scary scenes with a story using deluxe Halloween props and accessories.
There's no bones about it, these guys have serious poker faces!
They tried defying the graveyard, and it worked!
Halloween Skeleton & Bike Idea Creepy Chandelier Idea Flying Witch Idea
Take a midnight ride with a bony babe! A fearful chandelier for your porch (or crypt)! Who's brave enough to walk by this witch?
This eerie bicyclist is out for an after-dark bicycle ride with her skeletal pets in tow!
This easy decorating idea is a scream indoors or out.
Enter if you dare! A wart-covered witch will gleefully welcome victims.
Flying Dementors Idea Bone Garland Front Door Idea
Summon spirits to your porch! Door decor to die for!
Create a spine-chilling scene with some well-placed reapers.
Once darkness has fallen, thrill them to the bone with a lit-up display of macabre skulls.

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