Haunted House Decorating Ideas

Haunted House Decorating Ideas
14 Chilling Ideas

These Halloween ideas are terror-ific!

Enter a mansion of dreadful decorating ideas!
Enter a mansion of dreadful decorating ideas… from marvelously macabre skeletons at a gothic dinner party to a dark and spooky attic full of creepy critters!

Decorating Ideas

Haunted House Skeleton Parlor Idea Haunted House Gentleman Skeleton Idea Haunted House Skulls & Candelabra Mantel Idea
Decorate a defrightful parlor! Share some conversation with this chilling chap! Skulls rest (in peace) on the mantel
Assemble the spirits in the parlor after dinner for a lively chat.
Seat a spine-tingling guest on the couch to greet new arrivals to the party!
Create a marvelously macabre mantel with a row of skulls on display.
Haunted House Portrait & Medusa Bust Mantel Idea Haunted House Hearth Skull Pile Idea Haunted House Gauzy Dinner Table Idea
The walls have eyes! Create a haunting hearth with a pile of skulls! Throw a to-die-for gothic dinner party!
Replace artwork with spooky portraits and statues for an ominous atmosphere.
Give the fireplace a graveyard feel with a stack of skulls and cemetery fences.
Be the spirit guide to a gathering of skeletons, spooks and things that go bump in the night!
Haunted House Skeleton Couple Idea Haunted House Shotglass Arm Idea Haunted House Chandelier Ghosts Idea
These two are the "life" of the party! Tickle their funny bone with "shots" in the arm! A grim gathering place for reapers
Seat a couple skeletal sweethearts at the table to get the rest of your party ghosts talking.
Your ghoul-friends will shriek with delight when they snatch a drink from this festively freaky barware.
Hang these grinning ghouls from the chandelier to keep guests on edge!
Haunted House Cat & Puppy Skeleton Idea Haunted House Skulls & Crow Idea Haunted House Skeleton Rat & Dog Idea
These pets have gathered for a bare-bones menagerie A disturbing skull pile teeming with rats and snakes! Dogs, rats and snakes make a fetching vignette
"Stay" was the last command Spot ever learned.
Make a pile of skulls in a corner and it's the perfect hideout for hairy rats and slithery snakes.
The dog has a bone to pick with the rat!
Haunted House Giant Spider & Web Idea Haunted House Glowing Specimen Jars Idea Sinister Stairway Idea
Every haunted mansion needs a huuuuuge spider! Mason jars + crawly creatures = spooky specimen jars!
Grand-Daddy Long Legs is watching!
To make this macabre scene, prepare yellow gelatin in a few Mason jars.
Haunted Books Idea

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