Haunted House Decorating Ideas

Haunted House Decorating Ideas
20 Chilling Ideas

Set a macabre mood with terror-ific haunted mansion decorations!

Get spooky inspiration for a ghoulish gathering!
Enter a mansion of dreadful decorating ideas… Make it a night of happy haunting with macabre mantels, a spooky secret library and many more ideas with creatures that go bump in the night! Keep reading if you dare.

Decorating Ideas

Frightful Flying Props Idea Terrifying Toys Decorating Idea Secret Library Decorating Idea
The witch is in! Show off your killer toy collection! What phantoms are lurking in the library?
Make it a night of happy haunting with freaky flying ghouls waiting to greet visitors at the stairs.
Have fun scaring the pants off of your friends with a table of haunted playthings.
Visitors will be dying to go in and sit for a spell!
Macabre Mantel Decorating Idea Skulls and Candelabra Mantel Idea Skeletons and Chains Garland Idea
A macabre mantel to welcome restless spirits! Show off an eerie collection of haunted relics! Dig up a ghoulish garland!
Give the parlor that unlived-in look with a fireplace mantel decked out in all manner of creepy curiosities.
The ghostess of the house has eccentric tastes!
Drag those skeletons out of the closet for a delightfully dreadful decoration!
Spooky Skeleton and Cat Idea Sinister Stairway Idea Haunted Books Idea
Dead but still dashing! Set up a strange and sinister scene by the staircase Impress the spirits with a stack of spellbooks
Beware this bony gent – he's got a killer pick-up line!
Simple side table or altar for the dead?
These boneheads wouldn't be caught dead without a good book!
Morbid Mouse Skeleton Idea Ram Skull and Vulture Idea Snake Den Vignette Idea
This li'l guy just wants a nibble... Disply fearful forgotten relics Give them shivers with a den of snakes!
Treat your fraidy cats to a macabre menagerie filled with creep-tastic critters.
Display a gruesome twosome as the prize collection of this haunted home.
Play on their deepest fears with a nest of snakes as part of the decorations.
Haunted House Gentleman Skeleton Idea Rest In Peace Skulls and Candelabra Mantel Idea Haunted House Gauzy Dinner Table Idea
Share some conversation with this chilling chap! Skulls rest (in peace) on the mantel Throw a to-die-for gothic dinner party!
Seat a spine-tingling guest on the couch to greet new arrivals to the party!
Create a marvelously macabre mantel with a row of skulls on display.
Be the spirit guide to a gathering of skeletons, spooks and things that go bump in the night!
Haunted House Skeleton Couple Idea Haunted House Chandelier Ghosts Idea Haunted House Skulls and Crow Idea
These two are the "life" of the party! A grim gathering place for reapers A disturbing skull pile teeming with rats and snakes!
Seat a couple skeletal sweethearts at the table to get the rest of your party ghosts talking.
Hang these grinning ghouls from the chandelier to keep guests on edge!
Make a pile of skulls in a corner and it's the perfect hideout for hairy rats and slithery snakes.
Haunted House Skeleton Rat and Dog Idea Haunted House Giant Spider and Web Idea
Dogs, rats and snakes make a fetching vignette Every haunted mansion needs a huuuuuge spider!
The dog has a bone to pick with the rat!
Grand-Daddy Long Legs is watching!

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