Halloween Balloon Ideas

Halloween Balloon Ideas
12 Too Cute to Spook Ideas

Balloons for any Halloween bash!

Give any space a cheery haunt with high-flying witches, ghosts, bats & skeletons!
Give any space a cheery haunt with high-flying witches, ghosts, bats & skeletons! Check out our range of balloon centerpieces and bouquets that'll make your Halloween decor pop.

Decorating Ideas

Happy Halloween Witch Balloon & Party Room Idea Happy Halloween Witch Balloon & Cauldron Idea Friendly Bat Balloon Bouquet Idea
High-flying witches make the best centerpieces! Use a candy bucket to weigh down the balloon! Gone batty for balloons!
Decorate around this witch balloon with bright garlands and paper lanterns.
Hide the witch's balloon weight in the candy bucket and use it as a centerpiece for a yummy cupcake table.
Make a mini balloon bouquet as a centerpiece that features the happiest vampire bat around!
Friendly Ghost Balloons and DIY String Garlands Idea Ghost Balloon and Chalkboard Idea Witch and Jack-o'-Lantern Balloon Porch Idea
Haunting the party never looked more fun! Ghosts love giving away boo-bles! Tell trick-or-treaters "Happy Halloween!" with balloons!
Decorating the balloon ribbon is all the rage, so be on trend when you add a couple ghosts to the side of the party room and decorate their ribbons with Halloween cutouts!
If you want to set out candy for the party table, have a ghost friend accompany it!
Balloons make any entrance more festive, especially for the littlest candy collectors!
Skeleton Balloon & Bloody Signs Idea Skeleton Balloon & Eyeball Container Idea Skeleton Balloon Porch Idea
Smiling skeletons add just enough spook! Hey guys, I found some eyes! Come to skeleton town!
Use skeleton balloons to make spooky themes fun for kids without being too scary!
Have this little guy hang out with the candy containers.
Gather several skeleton and Jack Skellington balloons to create your own Halloween Town!
Sugar Skull Balloon Bucket Idea Sugar Skull Balloon Porch Idea Balloon Skull Centerpiece Idea
Add a little glitter to your skulls! Use several skull bouquets to make a bold statement Join the skeleton crew for dinner!
Instead of going for the classic weight to hold your balloons down, try decorating a bucket to make it look extra festive.
Skulls everywhere! For another porch look, keep the balloons to simple sugar-skull bouquets and then add skulls to the stairs, the door and the windows.
Make the dining room black and bony with skull balloons and a DIY balloon weight.

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