Dressing as a Disney Character

Dressing as a Disney Character

Three Wickedly Stylish Disney Villains Costumes

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We always look to the Disney Villains for amazing costume inspiration. Their larger-than-life personalities—along with their bold, rich style—makes being a Disney Villain so much fun. We put together three fashion-forward looks that’ll definitely win you the “Most Stylish” costume award at any Halloween party. Check out ideas for Maleficent, Cruella De Vil and Captain Hook, and shop right here for your look.


Dressing as a Disney Character How To
  • Choose your favorite Disney Villain!


  • Black Maleficent headpiece
  • Black angel wings
  • Red lipstick

    Cruella De Vil:

  • Long red gloves
  • Cruella De Vil wig
  • Red lipstick

    Captain Hook:

  • Brown tricorn pirate hat
  • Black witch ankle boots
  • Elegant pirate hook

    Add your own stylish touches with items from your closet.

Follow Instructions
Captain Hook 1) Captain Hook
The accessories are the key to this costume, which is why you’ll need a pirate hat, buckle shoes, and most importantly, a hook. To complete your look, pair a regal red blazer with burgundy pants and a white frilly blouse for a chic take on Captain Hook.
Cruella De Vil 2) Cruella De Vil
Start with a black dress, and add your favorite red heels and a pair of green stud earrings. Long red gloves and a red lip are definite must-haves. To give your costume the ultimate De Vil touch, add a Cruella wig and a maniacal laugh.
Maleficent 3) Maleficent
Channel Maleficent’s sleek black style in a long dramatic dress and stylish boots. Of course, you can’t be Maleficent without her horns and jet black wings. An on-trend collar is the perfect accessory, while bright red lips will give your costume that signature Maleficent touch.

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