Cemetery Decorating Inspiration

Cemetery Decorating Inspiration
10 Spooky Cemetery Ideas

Raise bony beasts for a chilling pet cemetery!

These creepy critters just won't stay buried.
For a spooky spin on the traditional graveyard, decorate with skeletal pets and a ton of tombstones to create a wickedly weird resting place. From skeletal rats to hungry hounds to giant spiders roaming the lawn, your yard will be a must-see stop in the neighborhood on Halloween. Keep looking for more shriek-worthy inspiration featuring our beloved bony animal friends.

Decorating Ideas

Pet Cemetery Cat and Bird Idea Pet Cemetery Pups Idea Pet Cemetery Spider Idea
This ferocious feline followed her prey into death! No bone unburied, even in the afterlife! Play on their fears with a monstrous arachnid!
These creepy critters just won't stay buried.
Place a couple of canine cadavers in the front yard for a freakily funny scene!
Measuring two and a half feet, this skeletal spider is sure to make the neighbors' skin crawl!
Pet Cemetery Sign Idea Pet Cemetery Vulture Idea Pet Cemetery Cat and Mice Idea
Unwelcome graveyard guests with a creepy cemetery sign! The vulture caws at midnight! The eternal cat and mouse chase!
They'll think about turning back when they see this vicious vulture atop the "welcome" sign.
The creepy mood of your pet cemetery takes flight with a gathering of bare-bones birds.
This terrible tabby tracked her prey right to their graves!
Rats Feeding On Skeleton Idea Halloween Tombstones & Flying Critters Idea Halloween Owl & Tombstone Idea
Tired of cheese, these rats want blood! It's a gathering of creatures! Dress up this tombstone with a few skulls and an owl!
Make onlookers squeal with fright with a horde of blood-thirsty vermin having a feast.
Design a vignette around this bloody tombstone that the creatures of the night will flock to!
Someone gave this grave an offering of skulls instead of flowers!
Halloween Skeleton & Coffin Idea
He rose for a de-coffin-ated party!
Add a humerus detail to your Halloween cemetery.

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