Asylum Scar Cookies How-To

Asylum Scar Cookies How-To

Bloody scar cookies are a must!

Gross out guests with scar tissue cookies that are sure to leave a mark! They might look disgusting Do you dare take a bite of these edible flesh wounds?


Yield 2 dozen
Asylum Scar Cookies How To
  • Favorite sugar cookie recipe or mix
  • White icing
  • Peach icing color
  • Red icing color
  • Round fondant cookie cutters
  • Sheet pan
Follow Instructions
1) Paint bloody wounds
Using red icing color, paint the "wounds" to look like a bloody mess.
2) Make "flesh" fondant
Roll out tinted fondant and cut out slightly smaller circles than the cookies. Attach the "flesh" fondant to the cookies with some icing.
3) Prepare round cookies
Prepare your favorite sugar cookie recipe. Bake and cool cookies. Tint fondant a peachy hue with icing color.
4) Create the wounds
Now the fun part! Scrape, line and hatch the fondant with toothpicks to create the flesh wound effect.

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