Bloody Good Asylum Buffet Ideas

Bloody Good Asylum Buffet Ideas
12 Twisted Table Ideas

Drive them mad with a deranged asylum dinner for your Halloween party!

Do you dare sample a treat from this insane table spread?
Who let the patients plan the party?! Keep guests talking long after the party's ended with a gory-good asylum party table. They'll lose it when they see your demented decor, bloody tableware and freaky food. From disgusting desserts to foul faux-food, remember: the more gruesome, the better!

Food & Decorating Ideas

Severed Hands Drink How-To Bloody Good Tableware Idea Asylum Brains for Dinner Idea
Severed Hands Punch Recipe Set a sinister table! Brains For Dinner How-to
This recipe for super gross (super tasty) Severed Hands Punch is a to-die-for idea for your Halloween party! Chew on the details with our how-to.
Sometimes the key to Halloween decorations is seeing how much blood you can spatter! Check out our bloody tableware.
Dish up brain food! Learn how to create this DIY Halloween decoration that your guests will be surprised they can eat!
Asylum Finger Food Idea Asylum Bloody Shots Idea Asylum Scar Cookies How-To
Insane finger food! An extra-large dose of delicious! Bloody scar cookies are a must!
Add demented decor to the dining experience with gruesome props!
We've got the Rx for a sinister-looking sipper adults will go crazy for.
Gross out guests with scar tissue cookies that are sure to leave a mark!
Disturbing Asylum Kitchen Idea Body Parts for Dinner Idea Blood and Guts Props Idea
The doctor is in! Serve a sickly smorgasbord! Create an unsettling appetizer tray!
What horrors await in the asylum cafeteria?
Trick or treat, give me something gross to eat!
Horror d'oeuvres are served!
Creepy Cuisine Idea Insane Smoothie Blender Idea Look Don't Eat Finger Pie Idea
Dish up a snack for sore eyes! Brew up a blended nightmare! Serve a people pot pie!
Look but don't touch – these unsettling snacks are meant as decor.
This smoothie is guaranteed to have them lose their sweet tooth!
This finger-lickin' pie may look appetizing, but it's only a decoration.

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