Asylum Decorating Ideas

Asylum Decorating Ideas
5 Ideas to Drive Them Mad

Demented Halloween decorations for a haunted asylum

You'd be insane not to join us!
Go crazy with demented decorating ideas for a haunted asylum theme Halloween party. Bloody body parts, unhinged inmates and twisted chains create a house of horrors— and no one escapes.

Decorating Ideas

Mad Patient Vignette Idea Asylum Bloody Bath Decorating Idea Lend a Hand Asylum Bathroom Idea
All chopped up and nowhere to go! Splish splash, time for a blood bath! Even the bathroom is a scream!
Stalk the halls of an abandoned asylum wing with a skeletal surgeon and his patient!
Transform your powder room into a bloody shower scene!
Your bathroom will give them nightmares!
Insane Asylum Window Idea Sickening Sink Decorating Idea
Decorate a disturbing window! Make a splash with a sinkful of shocking props!
Remind them that there's no way out with condemning decor.
Set up a grisly scene with bloody props sitting in the sink.

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