Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Class Party Ideas 12 Boo Cute Ideas

Halloween Class Party Ideas

Halloween isn't all about candy! Make 'em howl with colorful ideas for decorations, activities and costumes. Check out all of our cute Halloween party ideas for the classroom that'll have kids saying "jeepers creepers!"
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Halloween Class Favor Bar Idea Halloween Class Games Idea

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8 Kid-Friendly Tasty Ideas

Kid-Friendly Halloween Buffet Ideas

Conjure up a magical buffet for the little spooks! Build a table full of goodies that are as festive as the plates.

The little ones are wrapped up in their costumes, so serve goodies that are wrapped up too — in cheese!
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Kid-Friendly Halloween Buffet Table Idea Kid-Friendly English Muffin Pizza Mummies Idea
6 Kid-Friendly Yummy Ideas

Kid-Friendly Halloween Drink Ideas

This gravestone-shaped chalkboard is perfect for a Halloween table!

Create the candy-corn icon without actual candy corn!
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Kid-Friendly Halloween Drinks Table Idea Kid-Friendly Candy Corn Inspired Drink Idea
10 Top Girls' Costume Trends

Top 10 Girls' Halloween Costume Ideas

Your little caped crusader can make her own crime-fighting costume from Batgirl accessories. She'll be the hero Halloween needs!

Trot her out in a mane-ificient outfit as bright as Rainbow Dash!
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Girls' Batman Costume Idea Girls' Rainbow Dash Costume Idea
21 Friendly & sweet Ideas

Friendly Halloween Sweets & Treat Ideas

A kid-friendly table is all about bright colors and cute characters for your decor.

Take a break from the Halloween hijinks with these cute and yummy cookies for a bea-HOOT-iful display!
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Friendly Halloween Sweets Table Idea Friendly Candy Dipped Owl Cookies How To
8 Bewitching ideas

Witch's Crew Sweets & Treat Ideas

Set out a bewitching dessert display with bright table decor for your bat-tacular treats. They'll be spellbound!

Drive your little monsters wild with fang-tastic, candy-dipped brownie pops!
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Witch's Crew Sweets & Treats Table Idea Witch's Crew Bat Brownie Pops How To
12 Too Cute to Spook Ideas

Halloween Balloon Ideas

Decorate around this witch balloon with bright garlands and paper lanterns.

Make a mini balloon bouquet as a centerpiece that features the happiest vampire bat around!
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Happy Halloween Witch Balloon & Party Room Idea Friendly Bat Balloon Bouquet Idea

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