Halloween Party Ideas

Bloody Good Drink Ideas 8 Bloody-Good Drink Ideas

Bloody Good Drink Ideas

Get the after(life) party started with spooky-good sippers! We've got a drinks menu to quench the thirsts of the most bloodthirsty party monsters, including a body parts punch, martinis with eyeball garnishes and blood syringe shots. Check out wicked-cool cocktail recipes and ideas for pairing them with frightening bloody decorations!
Bloody Good Punch Recipe Bloody Good Bone Rock Candy Drink Recipe

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6 Shocking & Savory Ideas

Shocking & Savory Halloween Buffet Ideas

Don't be scared – this olive spider won't bite!

Wrap up French bread in true mummy fashion for a spooky and delicious pizza bread!
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Savory Halloween Spiderweb Hummus Recipe Savory Halloween Mummy French Bread Idea
12 Boo Cute Ideas

Halloween Class Party Ideas

Keep your eyes peeled for silly Halloween favors like giant eyeballs and silly glasses that will make them say jeepers creepers.

Trick or treat, witch's feet! Your "witch's brew" drink station needs witchy table leg covers, a spider web table cover and a lemonade dispenser with colorful cups.
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Halloween Class Favor Bar Idea Halloween Class Drink Station Idea
21 Friendly & sweet Ideas

Friendly Halloween Sweets & Treat Ideas

A kid-friendly table is all about bright colors and cute characters for your decor.

Take a break from the Halloween hijinks with these cute and yummy cookies for a bea-HOOT-iful display!
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Friendly Halloween Sweets Table Idea Friendly Candy Dipped Owl Cookies How To
8 Bewitching ideas

Witch's Crew Sweets & Treat Ideas

Set out a bewitching dessert display with bright table decor for your bat-tacular treats. They'll be spellbound!

Drive your little monsters wild with fang-tastic, candy-dipped brownie pops!
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Witch's Crew Sweets & Treats Table Idea Witch's Crew Bat Brownie Pops How To

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