Spring Treat Ideas

Spring Treat Ideas
11 Cute-as-a-Bunny Treat Ideas

Keep it fresh and nibble on bunny and flower-themed treats ideas

Hop to it with easy treats ideas and how-to's!
Celebrate spring with a table full of sweetness! Build your treats display by hanging blooming decorations like lanterns, fluffies and garlands. Then experiment with different candy buffet containers along with a cupcake stand and cake stand. These ideas will be sure to inspire goodie galore for Easter or any spring occasion.

Sweets & Treats Ideas

Spring Treats Table Idea Cereal Bunny Cake How To Gelatin Bunny Bites How To
Gather up these cute-as-a-bunny ideas! Bunny pan + crisped rice = party favorite Gelatin bunnies + jelly beans = yum!
How-To How-To
Celebrate spring with a cute and sweet table display.
A crispy rice bunny cake? Egg-stra adorable!
Let out some spring energy with gelatin bunnies – they're moving as much as the little ones!
Bunny Tail Cookies How To Spring Tri Colored Candy Strawberries How To Bunny and Sprinkle Pretzel Pops How To
"Bunny bottom" cookies are very Pinteresting! Dipped strawberries with spring style! The Easter Bunny left something yummy!
How-To How-To How-To
Use a super-fun double cookie cutter to make these!
Strawberries dipped in three hues of Candy Melts® are as pretty as a spring flower garden in bloom.
Have a satisfying hop, skip and crunch with these sweet-and-salty pretzel sticks!
Marshmallow Daisy Pop How To
Cute edible daisies on pretty pink marshmallows!
Satisfy your chocolate and marshmallow cravings with these adorable treats.

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