Peeps-Inspired Easter Treat Ideas

Peeps-Inspired Easter Treat Ideas
11 Peeps-Inspired Treats Ideas

Put a little hop in your sweets with bright ideas for Peeps-laden treats!

Love Peeps? Dedicate your Easter treats table to their sugary cuteness! We have adorable Peep-inspired ideas for cupcakes, cookies, cake, candy pops, rice treats and more.
Peep our adorable Easter treat ideas for an adorable array of goodies! Make an easy Peeps cake, Peeps-shaped cookies and candy pops, chick cupcakes and more in no time – which leaves more time for fun. Let the egg-stravaganza begin!

Sweets & Treats Ideas

Peeps Bunny Easter Cake How To Peeps Bunny Candy Pops How To Peeps Bunny Cookie Sandwiches How To
Wow them with a Peep-tastic cake! Bunny candy mold + Candy Melts = super-yum Easter pops! Use a bunny cookie pan to make these cuties!
How-To How-To How-To
Take a peep at this cute-n-colorful Easter cake!
Here's a fun Easter activity for the little bunnies.
Easily impress with these Peep-shaped sandwich cookies decorated with pink and pastel sprinkles.
Peeps Chick Pastel Cupcakes How To Peeps Chick Candy Pops How To Peeps Crispy Rice Bunny How To
Peeps chicks + Easter cupcakes = eggstra special! Chicks candy pops? Oh yes! Everybunny loves crispy rice treats!
How-To How-To How-To
Put a trendy twist on your Easter cupcakes this year: top them with super-cute Peeps chicks!
Pop on over to the Peeps Chicks Candy Pops How-To for the details on making these tasty Easter treats.
Whip up an Easter basket full of sweet crispy rice treats with Peeps style!
Candy-Dipped Cottontail Peeps Pops How To Candy-Dipped Peeps Sprinkle Pops How To Peeps Jelly Beans and Ears Cupcakes How To
Here comes a yummy cottontail on a stick! So-sweet chocolate-dipped Peep pops These clever Peeps cupcakes are all ears!
How-To How-To How-To
What a lovely Easter gift for somebunny special!
Peep this Candy-Dipped Peeps Sprinkle Pops How-To to learn how to create crowd-pleasing treats!
These bunny-eared chicks are too cute and they're a colorful tribute to the classic Easter candy: jelly beans!
Peeps Doughnut Pops How To Peeps Treats Table Idea
Bright and colorful Easter pops…these won't last long! What a hoppy dessert table!
Get creative with your fave bright Easter colors!
Glitter and candy and Peeps, oh my!

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