North Pole Treat Ideas

North Pole Treat Ideas
16 festive holiday desserts

The man in the red suit won't be able to resist these cookies, pops, pretzels and more!

Warm up to winter treats
Santa and his friends at the North Pole would love all these yummy ideas for snowmen, reindeer and Santa-themed treats! Sled on through this page for fun ideas as well as step-by-step decorating how-to's for holiday doughnut pops, dipped strawberries, iced cookies and cupcakes, sweet-n-salty pretzels and more!

Sweets & Treats Ideas

Christmas North Pole Treats Table Idea Santa Face Cookies How To Reindeer Pretzel Rods How To
Candy stripes and snowflake prints… it's Christmastime! Santa cookies are jollier than ho-ho-ho Chocolate-y pretzels for Dasher, Dancer and company!
How-To How-To
Make sure your treats table looks as good as the treats!
Setting these out on Christmas Eve will surely put you on the fast track to the "nice" list!
You know Dasher and Dancer, and Prancer and Vixen! Bring them to life for your Christmas sweets table!
Reindeer Cupcakes How To Snowman Pretzel Pops How To Santa Peanut Butter Cookies How To
Have these cupcakes lead your sleigh of holiday sweets These salty-sweets are simply holly-jolly! Get a bit nutty with Santa-themed peanut butter cookies
How-To How-To How-To
These reindeer are all dressed up and ready to fly!
Interested in building a Candy Melt snowman?
Peanut butter cookies are perfect for creating sweet Santa faces! Just use icing and Candy Melts® to decorate them for all your Christmas party peeps.
Doughnut Hole Snowman Pops How To Marshmallow Candy Pops How To Strawberry Reindeer Faces How To
Give snowmen dapper chocolate top hats! Marshmallows + candy sticks + chocolate drops = yum! Rein in your sweet tooth with candy melt strawberries!
How-To How-To How-To
Make snowmen with doughnut holes and peanut butter cups for a jolly good time.
You're on top of the world with the North Poles of your treat table.
Deck your chocolate-covered strawberries with a nose, eyes, ears and antlers for an adorable sprinkle-sledding team.
Melted Snowman Cookies How To Candy Dipped Candy Canes How To Christmas Gingerbread House How To
A frosty cookie will make you melt! Even sweeter candy canes with a chocolate-y handle! Create Santa's gingerbread house!
How-To How-To How-To
These adorable snowmen braved the warmth of your home – all to wish you a merry Christmas!
Candy canes and Candy Melts® create a sensational combination for a long-lasting sweet. Candy canes and Candy Melts® create a sensational combination for a long-lasting sweet. Make them for your next Christmas party or secret Santa!
Say hello to Claus's new home! Whether it's with kids or kids-at-heart, making gingerbread houses is classic fun.
Snowman Candy Sticks How To Elf Cap Cupcakes How To Christmas Cookie Candy Pops How To
Build yummy jolly snowmen! Eat this cupcake to your hat's content! Make your cookies pop!
How-To How-To How-To
Make fun snowmen on candy sticks by filling a mold with separate colors of Candy Melts® to match the theme of your party!
Elf hats are crunchy and sweet!
Dress up your cookies in Christmas cheer!
Mitten Cookies How To
Get warm with mitten cookies!
Pour some sugar on these yummies!

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