Voodoo Vixen Makeup How To

Voodoo Vixen Makeup How To

Transform into a voodoo queen

Cast a spell with a tribal makeup look to raise the dead! Follow our step by step guide to create a witch doctor makeup look with tribal earth tones for a spooky ceremonial appearance.


Level Medium
Voodoo Vixen Makeup
  • White face paint
  • Black face paint
  • Makeup crayons in red and orange
  • Brown cream makeup
  • Black lipstick
  • Makeup brush
  • Setting powder or spray
Follow Instructions
Apply white and brown 1) Apply white and brown
Apply white base, leaving space for designs. Use brown cream makeup to create tribal accents.
Add accent color 2) Add accent color
Use orange crayon to fill in brighter areas on the forehead and lower cheeks. Draw two stripes on the nose.
Circle the eyes 3) Circle the eyes
Use black makeup to circle the eyes.
Apply details 4) Apply details
Blacken the lips with lipstick and use black makeup on a brush to outline shapes and draw lines on upper lip. Add dots with white and red makeup on a brush.
Set your makeup 5) Set your makeup
Set the makeup with setting powder or spray.
Finish the look 6) Finish the look
Call the spirits with a claw necklace and headdress of feathers and bones. You've completed your mystical transformation!

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