Snowflakes and Snowman Theme Party

Snowflakes and Snowman Theme Party
8 Tips for A Cozy Winter Party

Bring the magic of the winter landscape indoors with decor that's worth melting for

Cool is what this winter party is all about!
Get cozy this winter with a party that celebrates the flurries and fun! Snowflake swirls, shimmering tinsel, metallic balloons and snowman decor make it easy to bring to life the magic of the winter season. Browse through our idea gallery for ways to blanket your party in the season’s best colors of frosty blue and sparkling silver!

Winter Snowman Party Room Idea Wintry Window Decoration Idea Flurry Friend Plate Setting Idea
Gather friends inside for some frosty festive fun! Summon a flurry of snow decorations! Build a place-setting snowman
Sparkling decorations bring inside the magic—not the chill—of the frosty air!
A friendly snowman brings out the cool at a winter party
A snowman like this makes “biting cold” a fun treat for a kid-friendly winter party!
Sparkling Snowflake Centerpiece DIY Snowman Milk Bottles Idea Snowflakes and Snowman Tablescape Backdrop
Warm up your table setting with a DIY centerpiece Melt for these frosty snowman treats! Bring together a wintry mix of decorations
The sparkle of the season stands out with a decoration made of confetti snowflakes
Create this yummy treat to warm up hearts and tummies!
Snowflakes and paper fans complement a chillin’ candy buffet
Chillin' Candy Buffet Idea Chummy Snowman Pen Favor Idea
Walkin' through a winter candyland! Put winter in its place—as a festive favor!
A frost-colored palette of goodies helps guests savor every “bite” of winter!
Send friends on their merry way with a pail filled with North Pole friends!