glitzy girl party ideas

Glam It Up! Glitzy Girl Party Ideas

When it comes to the hottest trends, your birthday girl knows where it's at! Always glamming, sometimes hamming it up in the spotlight, she'll love how you put together her Glitzy Girl party with fashion party ideas guaranteed to keep her center stage, right where she belongs.


Time to Go Glam! Glitzy Girl Invitation Ideas

From personalized diva invites to the edgiest in V.I.P. pass ideas, you've got the star power to bring out all the inner divas in your birthday girl's friends at this fashion party. Your guests can glam it up in style and make a grand entrance at your Glitzy Girl party!

Announce this diva day in style with custom invites - SNAP!

Dress up your Glitzy Girl Custom Invitation with your party details and a tagline that shouts "glamour!" Using a phrase like "Can you walk the walk?" or "Strut your stuff" is a great way to build excitement for the fashionista fun. With Party City's custom designs that are ready to ship in just 2 days, getting these invites out the door will be a snap, but won't look like it!

Get guests stylin' on their way to the bash

Your diva's guests wouldn't be caught dead arriving at the party with anything less than the hottest accessories - so help them out. Send these chic leopard print Purse Invitations. They're to die for and can double as accessories if guests just can't find anything to wear to your bash. If they forget where the party is, they just have to open their purse. To really jazz up their new accessory, add Lip Gloss cell phone favors to each invite. Your guests will feel all grown-up with their new cell, not to mention the three shades of gloss that come inside. (Cool trick: The antenna is the applicator.)

Give guests the V.I.P. treatment with party passes!

Talk about V.I.P.! Get your fashionistas in party mode with Glitzy Girl Tattoos in the envelope with your invitations as a "V.I.P. party pass." From purses to shoes, they can express their fashion style by wearing tattoos on their faces, inner wrists, shoulders, or even their ankles. Send the tattoos in the envelope with your Glitzy Girl Party Invitations to alert guests that they'll need to flash their tattoo access pass as they enter the party.
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From Fashion Week to Birthday Bash! Glitzy Girl Games & Activities Ideas

Light up everyone's inner diva with these fashion girls birthday party game ideas! Style stations, a catwalk and a wall of glamour are easy, creative ways to make sure all her guests keep wearing those smiles from start to finish.

Turn glamming up into a game with style stations!

Get your girlies modeled-up with a 1-2-3 makeup station. Set up table and chair combos with mirrors, Butterfly Make-up kits, Glitzy Girl Lip Gloss, Glitzy Girl Nail Polish and Glitzy Girl Nail Files. To amp up the made-up look, use the Garden Girl Face Paint Kit to mimic vivid blush and luscious eyeshadow shades.
  • Guests can also get their glitter on with Large Roll-On Body Glitter in teal, watermelon, royal blue and emerald green.
  • Share some of your unused makeup and department store samples with the glamour girls. Eyeshadow, mascara, blush and maybe even some lipstick can let them play all-grown-up.
  • For extra help, grab an older sister, cousin or babysitter. She can be the makeup artist, helping the ladies perfect their looks.

Walk the walk! Create a runway show game

Bust out your own vintage fashions including clothes, hats, scarves, jewelry and shoes. Remember how much fun YOU had playing dress-up in your mom's clothes? The outfits might be a little loose on your guests, but some fab belts will do the trick to cinch the clothes around your little ones. Once the girls are prepped and ready …
  • Pop the Glitzy Girl Birthday Party Music CD into the stereo and blare the volume!
  • Divide glamour girls into two groups: Half the girls can walk the walk on your runway - have each guest pose in their favorite looks at the end of the catwalk. The other group plays fashion magazine editors, ooohing and aaahing, taking notes on Glitzy Girl Notepads and clapping, whistling, cheering and snapping paparazzi pics. Use disposable cameras or pretend Click Camera Favors to get shots of each glitzy girl mid-pose at the end of the runway.
  • Join the girls in judging the competition with "comment cards" made ahead of time on posterboard. In big pink-and-purple letters glammed-out with Glitter Glue, write fashionista-worthy sayings like, "YOWZA!" "OVER THE TOP!" and "FABULOUS, DAHHHLING!"
  • Have the two groups switch roles so everyone gets a turn on the runway!
Get more girls fashion party activity ideas in the Costumes & Dress-up Ideas, Favor Ideas, and Party Food Ideas sections below!
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Go Fashionista on Those Favors! Glitzy Girl Party Favor Ideas

Throw a party these trendy girls will never forget. These Glitzy Girl party ideas will send them home with fabulous favors they'll treasure long after the party has ended. Every guest remember this fabulous day of fun and fashion!

Glam up your fashion party favor boxes

The fun shouldn't stop when the party's over! For a perfect Glitzy Girl party favor idea that will inspire many a "spa day" play date and beauty-themed sleepover. Try this:

Share sweet treats in a fashion-girl-approved reusable container

Send guests home with goodies galore. Fill Hot Pink Mini Bowls with Kiddie Mix, wrap with clear cellophane and tie with Magenta Curling Ribbon and Silver Curling Ribbon. Kids love candy favors, and this favor idea will keep them in treats for days - plus they'll have that fabulously pink bowl to keep for lots of special treats later. They'll remember your fashion girl's party long after it's over.

Work those cover-girl shots!

Post-party, sit down with the birthday girl and browse through the runway shots from the party. Choose your faves and decorate the corners of them with Glitzy Girl Stickers - apply them as you print your digital photos from your home printer, so guests can take them home same-day as uber-glam party favors! Little tip: They look amazing in pink Sleepover Mini Frames! Or send your glitzed-up photos along with thank you notes.
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Puttin' on the Glitz! Glitzy Girl Party Decoration Ideas

Sparkly party decorations set the stage for glamour! To get all those little divas to turn on those flashy smiles right when they walk into the party room, start by thinking pink and shiny… and try these ideas to turn up the dazzle!

Roll out the red carpet!

What would a glam fashion show be without your celebrity guests? Run this Red Floor Runner from your front door to the main party room. Hang the Glitzy Girl Letter Banner behind it. Then have each guest do their best red carpet pose in front of the banner while you play shutterbug!

Pump up the sparkle in the party room!

Glitzy Girls live for fashion - so why not transform your house into backstage at New York Fashion Week's famous Bryant Park?
  • Cover the wall with this Silver Table Roll to create a fashion show backstage atmosphere - it's just like being in the famous fashion tents. Get the birthday girl to cut out pictures from her favorite fashion magazines. Then plaster those magazine cut-outs all over the fabric walls (or use Sticky Tack if you're applying pics directly to the walls). From fashion to beauty shots, it's an easy and budget-friendly way to create a fashion-show atmosphere in your party room. Create fashion show prep areas filled with beauty products like Butterfly Make-up Kits and Glitzy Girl Lip Gloss. Both can do double duty as party favors!
  • Make the other half of the room the catwalk. Lay the Red Tablecover Roll, down the center of the room, then set chairs on either side. Voila! Instant catwalk.

Pink, purple, and silver, oh my!

What goes best with pink and purple? (Other than everything your little girl owns, of course.) Silver. Silver makes a beautiful metallic complement to the Glitzy Girl color scheme. Tie Pink Round Balloons and Silver Star Balloons to the backs of your cake-table chairs. (Bonus: This idea also creates a fun way to easily split the group later on for activities like the runway show below in Party Game & Activities Ideas; ask all the glitzy girls to grab their balloons, and group them by pink and silver.) Or drape each chair with a Glitzy Girl Feather Boa. Put Silver Star Balloons on the food table as well; weight them down with this Hot Pink Party Hat Balloon Weight. We love the pop of fuschia against the silver.

Stack up the fashionista favors! A 2-in-1 centerpiece

Take your table to camera-ready status in no time - and check favors off your list at the same time - by creating a glamorous, goodie-filled centerpiece. You can put this together in no time:
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Dressed to the Nines! Glitzy Girl Costumes and Dress-up Ideas

Help your glam-girl's guests get into character - it's all about the accessories, dahling! Try these fashion party dress-up ideas to start the party right at the door. Then build excitement for an award ceremony to make sure every guest feels like a diva for a day!

Accessorize to the max!

Create red-carpet excitement by getting guests glammed up right when they arrive at the party. At the door, every guest gets a pair of Glitzy Girl Sunglasses, a Glitzy Girl Feather Boa and a Gigantic Light Up Diamond Ring, perfect for drawing the right kind of attention. Whether they're channeling Marilyn Monroe or Miley Cyrus, these fashion accessories will get everyone excited to strut down the runway! We love how these items do triple duty as costumes for guests, accessories for the runway game, and fabulous party favors.

Let the birthday girl shine!

Take the guesswork out of birthday outfits by dressing up the birthday girl in her very own Glitzy Girl Costume Set. As she soaks up the spotlight in her outfit of lavender - the color du jour - and stylish butterfly applique, there'll be no talking her out of the spotlight. The tutu and feather boa that come with are just icing on the cake.

Reward the fashion girls with a runway awards ceremony!

After all the glam girls have their turn on the runway, crown your birthday beauty with a Glitzy Girl Pink Marabou Tiara and crown all the other little ladies with Glitzy Girl Foil Tiaras. Not only will everyone feel like a glamour girl for a day, but they can take their crowns home to dress up and re-enact their moment of fame anytime!
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Fancy This! Glitzy Girl Food Ideas

Fabulous party food is key to helping all those little divas keep their energy up for all that exhausting runway work! Put these Glitzy Girl party food ideas into action to set your fashion girl party apart.

Make your cake and eat it too!

Since picky divas always want it their way, let them get their decorating on by serving pre-made personal-sized cakes alongside Cake Decorating Sets and Rainbow Jimmies. They can perfect their own confectionary masterpieces! With four different colors of icing, disposable decorating bags and five decorating tips, everyone's cake will look unique - how chic!

Delight in decadent finger foods!

Serve fashionable nibbles like mini pita pizzas, tuna salad in shelled-out red peppers, mini cups of caramel corn, fries in Parchment Roll cones and mini burgers - all on a Silver Platter! Top off the high-fashion feast with ice cream floats and milkshakes served in Plastic Square Tumblers.

Keep it on ice to glam up your party food table

For drinks, self-serve done the a-list way can make all the difference. Putting your party beverages on ice in clear serving dishes is a surprisingly simple way to add sparkle! Serve drinks like apple juice and soda on ice in glammed-up Large Punch Bowls for a gorgeous way to keep them chilled.
  • Tape a Disco Ball Balloon to the bowl, letting it float way above to show guests where the beverages are.
  • Wrap the table and the bowl with a Glitzy Girl Feather Boa to add lux details, suggests party planning pro Tania Perez of Circle The Day Event Planning and Design.
  • Tania also suggests taping or gluing a Glitzy Girl Feather Boa around the bottom of Glitzy Girl Party Cups - an idea we adore, since it'll remind every guest that a glamour girl always lifts her pinky when she sips!
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