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Dora Party Ideas Guide

You don't have to travel over the bridge, through the forest and around the mountain to throw an amazing Dora the Explorer party! Start here with our Dora the Explorer party ideas guide to make your Dora the Explorer birthday party the coolest in the whole wide world — with less set-up time than you'd think.

Come on, Vamanos! Dora Party Invitation Ideas

Get your guests excited about the party right from the start, and let a little of your party-hosting flair show - so the moms can get excited, too! Try these easy, creative ideas to make your Dora party invitations more "Dora," more unique, and more personal - yet still super-easy to check off your list.

Include a "map," just like on the show!

Here's an adventurous Dora the Explorer party idea: Re-create the explorations Dora the Explorer and her friend Boots set off on in every episode by giving your guests a "map" to a wearable Dora prize! They'll get to wear their prize as soon as they arrive at your party - but they have to go on a little adventure you create!

Here's how to do it: Start with Party City's own exclusive Customizable Dora the Explorer Invitations and include directions like these inside each invite:

"When you arrive at the party, go on an adventure just like Dora does! Follow our "map" to your very own Dora the Explorer accessories! Starting at our front door, we'll help you go THROUGH the hanging vines, OVER the river, and AROUND Cupcake Mountain to claim your fun, wearable Dora party prize!"

(Find EASY ways to create the vines, river and mountain - plus tips for the wearable prizes - in the Decorations section at right!)

Accessorize your Dora party invitations!

If you're hand-delivering your invites, try these Dora the Explorer party ideas you can use to start the fun before the big day.
  • Embellish your invites with Dora-themed extras to start the party early! Punch a hole in the corner of our fill-in Dora the Explorer Invitations, use Red Curling Ribbon and attach a Compass Ring or Dora the Explorer Whistle favor (this works perfectly with the "map" idea explained in #1 above to the invite.
  • Dora and her friends are always set for adventure, so give your guests some explorer's tools to help them find their way to fun! These ideas also work great if you send your invites in padded envelopes; take your stuffed envelopes to the post office for exact postage required.
  • Want a simpler way to make basic invitations special and personal, but still be able to mail them in a flat envelope? Our fill-in Dora the Explorer Invitations are so quick and easy, you'll have plenty of time to add a bit of fun! Here's how: Use an orange, green or purple colored felt tip pen to match the invitation colors! Include in each invite a pinch of Dora Confetti to make opening your invitation more festive!

Thank-you note tips & ideas: Document their adventure!

  • Take a snapshot of each child having fun during an activity at the party - or sitting together with your child and the opened birthday gift he or she brought - to include in your thank you notes.
  • Fill-in Dora the Explorer Thank-You Notes make it easy for your child to personally express his or her appreciation, whether you write down the words or just help with spelling! The note doesn't have to be long; just mention something positive about the gift.
  • Seal your thank-you envelopes with Dora the Explorer Stickers. The birthday girl or guy will love helping you put the stickers on!
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Exploring FunDora Party Game Ideas

Try these ideas to turn your child's birthday party games into a chance for those little Dora fans to step into Dora the Explorer's world. Don't forget a prize for the winner of each game … Our customers' faves include the Dora the Explorer Look and Find Activity Book, Jump Rope, Chalk Topper and Yo Yo.

Pinata time, Dora style!

A cultural tradition that fits right in with the Spanish words and phrases taught in the "Dora the Explorer" TV show, the pinata game is the perfect activity for a Dora party! Try our tips and ideas to make pinata time easy and enjoyable for every little adventurer at your party - and for you!
  • Fill the Dora the Explorer Pinata before the kids arrive with Kiddie Mix Candy and the Dora Party Favor Value Pack. Use it as a centerpiece on the food or gift table until you're ready to start the pinata game!
  • For younger kids, the Dora the Explorer Pull-String Pinata is a safe, fun alternative - and pull string pinatas often works better at indoor parties - no bat required! Instead of hitting the pinata with a stick to break it open, each child pull one of the ribbon strings attached to a hidden door. One special string opens the pinata and releases the candy. No one knows which one until it happens!
  • For older kids, make your Dora the Explorer party a "hit" with this fun Flower Pinata … the traditional way. You'll need a Pinata Blindfold and Pinata Buster Bat to break open the fun!
  • Set each child up for pinata success with a Favor Bucket or Dora the Explorer Loot Bag to collect the goodies when the candy and favors fall to the ground.
  • To make the pinata game extra fun, play our Kids Birthday Party Music CD. Your little Dora fan will also love playing these songs long after the party!

Photo-journal the fun!

Every child wants to cozy up with a life-size Dora the Explorer! Try these clever ways to bring Dora to life on your child's special day:
  • Tie our huge Dora the Explorer Balloon to a chair at the breakfast table to get your child excited for the party at the start of the day!
  • Then at the party, have each child "pose for adventure" wearing Dora Tattoos, Dora the Explorer Lip Gloss Bracelets, and Party Hats!
  • Group pictures are fabulous too! Include copies of your photos as a thoughtful way to personalize your child's thank-you notes.
  • After the party, that huge Dora-shaped balloon in her room (it will last about 3 weeks) will be a reminder of her special day.

Play Dora's take on musical chairs!

In the "Dora the Explorer" TV show, Dora asks young viewers to play along, count, speak Spanish, jump, row, clap, etc. If your little Dora fan already has a CD or downloads of songs from the show, use that as the music for the game - or grab a Kids Birthday Party Music CD!
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Favor Time Dora Party Favor Ideas

Birthday party favors, especially if they are thoughtful and creative, are a fun and memorable way to say "thanks for coming" - and they're a tradition every kid looks forward to at every birthday party. Send your guests home feeling like real explorers with favors that fit right in with all your other creative Dora the Explorer party ideas.

Mix and match!

Go outside the box by including favors from other party themes that fit in with the exploring theme of the adventures Dora goes on in the show. Compass Rings, Dora Jewelry, Dora Jump Ropes, and Whistles are perfect adventure-ready essentials! Gather them into Dora Loot Bags, add some Kiddie Mix Candyand tie each one with Curling Ribbon. For a bonus every little Dora fan will love, attach a Dora Blow Out to the Curling Ribbon .

Quick and easy favor idea!

Get a complete set of favors we've put together for you from the most popular Dora party favors. The Dora the Explorer Favor Value Pack gives you ready-to-go favor sets including activity sheets, star glasses, sticker sheet, crystal ring, glitter bead bracelet and a whistle - so easy, it's a treat for moms as well as kids! An even easier option if you're running out of Dora the Explorer party ideas: The Dora Goody Bag, which comes complete in a sealed, printed Dora the Explorer themed container.

Make it a craft.

Creating your favor sets is a great activity to do together with your guest of honor! Make the activity a bit more crafty and memorable by using a Dora The Explorer Favor Box or Red Favor Box and applying Dora Stickers to the outside. Remember to fill these crafty favor boxes and pails with Kiddie Mix Candy and other Dora themed favors like Dora Pencils, Dora Blowouts, Dora Bubbles and Dora Whistles! When you're done, you can say together, "Lo hicimos!" (We did it!), just like Dora does after she reaches her destination in each show!
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More o' Dora Dora Party Decorating Ideas

Imagine your special child's guests stepping into the colorful outdoor world of Dora the Explorer right as they step up to your front door … Our very own party expert and corporate training manager Deborah O'Connell has plenty of Dora the Explorer party ideas for creating that colorful, wonderful world in a few easy steps.

"Map" a route for an adventure from your front door to a reward of early party favors!

At the door, greet guests by showing the way: "Go THROUGH the hanging vines, OVER the river, and AROUND Cupcake Mountain to claim a fun, wearable Dora party prize!" Try O'Connell's creative yet super-easy ideas:
  • Hang Green Streamers in the front doorway to create the hanging vines!
  • Use a Blue Table Cover for a river: Cut it in half lengthwise and either have your young explorers jump OVER the river, or tape the two halves together at the short ends to make a river and ask them to FOLLOW the river to Cupcake Mountain!
  • Create Cupcake Mountain using Dora the Explorer Baking Cups and Cake Toppers plus a Cupcake Stand!
  • Reward guests with a Dora Lip Gloss Bracelets for making it through, over and around your "obstacles"! Arrange the earrings and rings in a bowl and place an instructional card next to the bowl that reads, "Welcome! Good job! You've made it through the vines, over the river and around Cupcake Mountain! Help yourself to your first prize!"

Start the excitement before your guests step foot into the party house!

To make a statement in your neighborhood on the special day, hang a Happy Birthday Giant Sign on your garage door and tie a bright Dora Balloon Bouquet to your mailbox.

Bring the world of Dora the Explorer to life for your child's party.

Cover a wall with a Dora Scene Setter to create a colorful outdoor backdrop just like in the show! A Dora Fiesta Banner is another great way to make the room extra festive.

Place a few Mini Pinatas on your gift table.

They pair perfectly with a Dora theme because they're a popular tradition in many Latin and Hispanic cultures (Dora's family and friends teach Spanish words in every episode). Don't forget an extra Dora Table Cover for the gift table; add a Happy Birthday Letter Banner using Sticky Tack!

Don't forget a Dora Table Cover.

Centerpiece and Tableware (place settings) for your food table! For each guest you'll need 1 lunch plate, 2 napkins, 1 cup, 1 dessert plate, and utensils. Or, if you're tired of exploring Dora the Explorer party ideas, it's not unadventurous to opt for our all-in-one Dora the Explorer Party Kits. With Basic, Super, Deluxe, and Ultimate kits, they come with everything you'll need for your table, plus room decorations too!
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Wow, She's Dora Dora Party Costume Ideas

Young Dora the Explorer fans will get a kick out of dressing like her! In fact, you can even turn dress-up play into party games. Try these Dora party ideas and see how costumes, accessories and wearable party favors can make the party more fun and memorable for your child and guests.

Set up a Dora dress-up table!

Create your Dora dress-up station by displaying Dora the Explorer Lip Gloss Bracelets and Tattoos in small red or pink bowls or Favor Boxes. Your birthday girl or guy and their guests will have fun as they get to mix & match! Or let each child choose one wearable item to wear during the party and take home afterward to keep as a party favor. Dora Party Hats top off the fun!

Get the guest of honor into character!

A Dora the Explorer Costume is the perfect party outfit for your guest of honor! In every episode, Dora the Explorer goes on an adventurous trip to find something or help somebody. Now your little one can do their own exploring in a Dora the Explorer Costume and look just like her - even her hairstyle! Don't forget the Guest of Honor Ribbon! Wearing it is super-important to young children on their birthday, and you'll both want to save it on a bulletin board or in a scrapbook as a lasting memory of the party.
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Fiesta! Dora Party Food Ideas

Put the party in your party food! The food is one of the main events of any birthday celebration! Try these Dora the Explorer party ideas to make every snack, meal and dessert fit in with your Dora theme and keep the party planning as easy as uno-dos-tres!

Fiesta foods are Dora's favorites!

  • Set out a bowl of tortilla chips with several different dips to try - such as salsa, guacamole, black bean dip, or queso dip. Spice it up a bit more by arranging the chips in a Sombrero as your serving dish!
  • If you're planning to serve a full meal vs. just snacks, set up a taco bar and let your guests build their own tacos. Include flour and corn tortillas, ground beef, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, sour cream, and salsa. For vegetarian guests, be sure to include avocados and grilled or roasted veggies like sweet peppers, too.
  • Serve simple cheese quesadillas. Sandwich a generous amount of shredded cheese between two flour tortillas and heat it in the microwave just long enough for the cheese to melt. Cut into bite-sized pieces.
  • For quenching those busy little explorers' thirst: pineapple juice or tropical punch served in Dora the Explorer Party Cups.

Create a Dora cake yourself, in a snap!

For a Dora the Explorer cake that your child will always remember, use our Dora the Explorer Cake Pan shaped like Dora herself! Decorate the cake with Dora the Explorer Icing Color Set we've matched to make it easy to create a fabulous Dora birthday cake yourself. Top off your little one's special cake with a Dora the Explorer Candle surrounded by Pink Birthday Candles with Stars. Use one to represent every precious year!

Make Dora the Explorer Cupcakes part of the adventure.

Create "Cupcake Mountain" using our Cupcake Stand - and see the ideas in the Invitations and Decorating sections above for making Cupcake Mountain part of the adventurous activities at your party! Bake your cupcakes using Dora Baking Cups and top them with a Dora the Explorer Icing Color Set and colorful Sprinkles and Dora Cake Toppers to make each cupcake special.
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