Neon Doodle Party Ideas
12 funky-fresh ideas!

Neon Doodle Party Ideas

HAPPY B-DAY, flower child! No matter her favorite decade, the birthday girl will ♥ our funky Neon Doodle Party Ideas, featuring a rad black and neon color combo. All her BFFs are sure to have a gas at a party decked out in peace signs and rainbow butterflies!
Party Video So rad!
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Table Decorating Ideas

With a party room drenched in rainbow colors and funky prints, your bash is sure to far out. You'll dig these trippin' ideas for the party table!
Create one trippin' party table A neon rainbow table setting is so boss!
Neon Doodle Party Table Idea Neon Doodle Place Setting Idea

Game & Activity Ideas

Everybody will be trippin'! Plan some happenin' activities to make this birthday party unforgettable. The birthday girl and her BFFs are sure to LOL for hours with our super-fun Neon Doodle party game and activity ideas!
Freak out over a killer pinata game! Set up a Neon Fashion Station!
Neon Doodle Pinata Game Idea Neon Doodle Boutique Idea

Favor Ideas

Before your friends split, pass around awesomely hip boxes and bags filled with groovy gifts, candy and toys. With our Neon Doodle Party Favor Ideas, the fun keeps on going way after the jam is over!
Make the party percolate with fab favor boxes! A party favor value pack is smashing!
Neon Doodle Favor Box Idea Neon Doodle Favor Bag Idea

Dress Up Ideas

Be outta sight in neon threads! Neon Doodle Dress Up Gear Idea
Let out your inner flower child! The birthday girl's special day calls for the coolest glad rags – go wild for zebra stripes and gnarly neon prints. Check out our party dress-up ideas for loads of accessories for her and her fashionista friends!
Pump up a birthday outfit with cool accessories! Neon Doodle Birthday Outfit Idea Spread the love with glad rags for the BFFs! Neon Doodle Headwear Idea

Invitation & Thank You Ideas

A custom invite starts the party off on the bright foot! Neon Doodle Custom Invite Idea
Be there or be square! Gather the girlfriends for one boss birthday bash. Our psychedelic Neon Doodle party invitation ideas are not only totally copasetic, but they also give the birthday girl ways to add her creative touch!
Add flower power to your invites! Neon Doodle Invite with Surprise Idea A thank-you photo memento is wicked cool! Neon Doodle Thank You Note Idea

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