My Little Pony Party Ideas
16 party ideas as magical as friendship!

My Little Pony Party Ideas

Invite the birthday girl's BFFs over for a ponypalooza party! Get inspired by our My Little Pony party ideas for decorations, party games, cake and more!
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Party Table Ideas

Make a Dash-ing party room! My Little Pony Party Table Idea
Take a cue from Rainbow Dash and decorate the party room in all the colors of the rainbow! Each pony will be represented by the bright color scheme of My Little Pony decorations like birthday banners, scene setters and balloon bouquets. Make it pony-riffic with fun place-settings and a magical cake!
Set pony-rific place-settings! My Little Pony Place Setting Idea Make a magical My Little Pony cake! My Little Pony Fondant Cake How To

Decorating Ideas

They'll prance for a perfect pony centerpiece! My Little Pony Centerpiece Idea
Give your party a punch of pony power with a balloon arch that looks straight out of Rainbow Falls! Gallop over to our Rainbow Balloon Arch How-To for the details on this do-it-yourself decor. Make it the mane event of your party decorations by placing it where it's sure to be seen, like the favors table!
This balloon arch will be something to prance for! My Little Pony Rainbow Balloon Arch Create a rainbowlicious backdrop! My Little Pony Rainbow Wall Decor Idea

Game & Activity Ideas

Let's party pony style! Gather the birthday girl and her friends for the Equestria Games. Twilight Sparkle and her friends might love apple-bucking and hoofball, but your party ponies will gallop into the party room for pinata time and party games!
A Pinkie Pie pinata packs a lot of fun! Help Pinkie Pie find her cutie mark!
My Little Pony Pinata Game Idea My Little Pony Pin It Game Idea

Dress Up Ideas

Pony-perfect favors! Thank your little girl's best friends for galloping all the way to her party with adorable My Little Pony favors! From hot-pink pony-printed containers to super-fast favor packs, you'll have a special something for everypony.
A special birthday outfit will make her day! Give everyone some sparkle to wear with MLP accessories!
My Little Pony Birthday Outfit Idea My Little Pony Dress Up Gear Idea

Favor Ideas

Fill up favor containers with pony presents My Little Pony Favor Bucket Idea
Take a trip to the Carousel Boutique! Make the birthday girl and her party ponies feel chic, unique and magnifique in darling accessories. Our My Little Pony dress-up ideas are packed with too-cute inspiration for everypony!
Make favor cups with pony stuff! My Little Pony Favor Cup Idea Make speedy favors in a flash! My Little Pony Favor Pack for 8 Idea

Invitation & Thank You Ideas

Send a custom invite with a photo of the birthday girl! My Little Pony Custom Invite Idea
Friendship is magic! Make sure everypony marks the date in their calendar for the most perfect pony party in Equestria! Check out these sweet My Little Pony party invitation ideas for custom invites, envelope surprises and thank yous.
Add surprises to your invites! My Little Pony Invite with Favor Idea Send a personalized thank you! My Little Pony Thank You Note Idea

My Little Pony Sweets & Treats Ideas View All

My Little Pony Sweets & Treats

Complete your favorite cupcakes with themed icing and baking cups!

A Pinkie Pie cake is the party's cutie mark!
Get Inspired
My Little Pony Cupcake How To Pinkie Pie Cake How To

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