Monster High Party Ideas
29 fierce party ideas!

Monster High Party Ideas

Freaky cool — it's a Monster High birthday party! Our Monster High party ideas — such as invites, decorations, treats and more — will make your birthday something to howl about!
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Decorating Ideas

Trick out your house! Go all out with frightfully fun decorations for your Monster High party. Focus on pinks, blue and black to start, then use these decoration ideas for a totally claw-some look.
Make your Monster High party decorations stand out! A fang-tastic photo op!
Monster High Party Table Idea Monster High Photo Booth Idea

Game & Activity Ideas

Who's dying to have some fun? Werecat or vampire, ghost or zombie, everybody likes fun party games. Try these ideas that will help make your Monster High party a scream.
Get freaky chic with a Monster High ghoulish-glam station! Stage a Monster High photo shoot!
Monster High Fashion Boutique Idea Monster High Fashion Shoot Idea

Favor Ideas

Make Monster High party favors that the ghouls will love Monster High Favor Box Idea
Leave 'em howling with joy! Her fellow Monster High fans can resurrect that party spirit at home later with Monster High party favors. These ideas for favors are terrifyingly easy to make, and also the perfect thank you for coming to your party!
Fill up a cup o' Monster High favors! Monster High Favor Cup Idea Make favors a snap with a Monster High value pack Monster High Favor Pack for 8 Idea

Dress Up Ideas

Creep up on a great party outfit with accessories Monster High Frankie Stein Costume Idea
Drop-dead gorgeous! Let the guests show their spooky spirit with costumes and accessories. Try out these ideas that back up what we always say: be a monster!
Accessories for the birthday ghoul! Monster High Birthday Outfit Idea Freaky fabulousness for all! Monster High Dress Up Gear Idea

Invitation & Thank You Ideas

Send custom Monster High invitations! Monster High Custom Invite Idea
You're in-bited! When your birthday ghoul's inviting her friends to her very own Monster High party, it's gotta be to die for! Try these invite ideas to make sure they know this is one party they'd be afraid to miss!
Include a secret party pass in your invites! Monster High Invite with Surprise Idea Customize for a fierce thank-you note! Monster High Thank You Note Idea

Cake & Treat Ideas

Monster High cupcakes are easy peasy! Monster High Cupcake Idea
Food fright! A day of monster madness is sure to make anybody hungry. Click below to nibble on some cute cake and treat ideas that are fiercely tasty.
Serve up a cake that's to die for! Monster High Fondant Cake How To Pour them some fearsome punch! Monster High Drink Idea

Monster High Sweets & Treats Ideas View All

13 Creepily Cute Monster High Treats Ideas

Monster High Sweets & Treats

Your teenage ghouls will dive right in to this awesome tower that looks difficult but is oh-so-easy!

Our friends at Wilton designed a sweet spread for a to-die-for Monster High birthday bash!
Get Inspired
Monster High Cupcake Tower How To Monster High Treats Table Idea

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