Minnie Mouse Sweets & Treats

Minnie Mouse Sweets & Treats
13 Minnie Mouse Treat Ideas for a Bow-tiful Birthday

Minnie-rific dessert and appetizer ideas they'll ♥!

Yoo-hoo – Minnie's here for a fab and fun birthday bash! Doll up the party table in mouse-ificent Minnie Mouse decorations and yummy desserts. Cakes, brownies and fruit decorated in Minnie's signature pink, polka dots and bows are irresistibly adorable. Keep clicking to see Minnie Mouse desserts, appetizers and treats display ideas for your birthday mouse.

Sweets & Treats Ideas

Minnie Mouse Treats Table Idea Minnie Mouse Bow Cookies How To Minnie Mouse Marshmallow Pops How To
Nibble on sweets with Minnie magic! Too-cute Minnie Mouse bows A pretty pail of Minnie Mouse marshmallow pops!
How-To How-To
Let Minnie Mouse tie all your party treats together with mouse-ificent decorations and yummy desserts.
Polka-dot bow cookies are delicious treats and party decorations, too!
Prop all your Minnie Marshmallow Pops in a pretty pail!
Minnie Mouse Brownies How To Minnie Mouse Cupcake Tower How To Minnie Mouse Doughnut Hole Pops How To
Brownie bites topped with a bow! Minnie adds charm to this tower of cupcakes! Minnie Mouse pops are tee-hee-licious!
How-To How-To How-To
Chocolate brownie bites are sporting some Minnie magic!
Minnie adds charm to whatever she touches, including this darling tower of cupcakes!
Cute-as-a-button Minnie Mouse pops will make everyone smile from ear to ear!
Minnie Mouse Bow-Bars How To Minnie Mouse Cereal Cake How To Minnie Mouse Pretzel Pops How To
Minnie Mouse Bow Bars dress up cereal treats! Let Minnie join the table as a cute cake! A salty-sweet snack dressed up as Minnie!
How-To How-To How-To
Minnie Mouse Bow Bars are easy and adorable, too. Just make the bows with fondant and heart-shaped cookie cutters.
Minnie (and her signature bow) make every party more delightful!
They'll grin from ear to ear when they see this marvelous Minnie munchies!
Minnie Mouse Watermelon Bows How To Minnie Mouse Cheese & Crackers How To Minnie Mouse Candy-Covered Strawberries How To
Nothing's sweeter than Minnie's fruit bow! Cheesy morsels for your Minnie mice! Fun fruit treats Minnie would ♥!
How-To How-To How-To
What's sweeter than Minnie's bow made of fruit? Nothing!
Cheesy morsels for your Minnie mice!
Juicy strawberries are even sweeter when you decorate them like Minnie's dress!
Minnie Mouse Fruit Ears How To
Minnie-shaped fruit treats are adorable and fun to eat!
Minnie-shaped fruit treats are adorable and fun to eat!

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