Frozen Sweets & Treats

Frozen Sweets & Treats
13 Too-Cool Frozen Treats Ideas

Olaf cupcakes, snowflake cookies, pretty doughnut pops, cake ideas & more!

Elsa unleashed a blizzard of noms! There's a little something for everyone on this table of snow sweets created by the pros at Wilton. Check out our ideas to see how to create edible snowflakes, sparkling doughnut pops, a tower of cupcakes, an iced Olaf and more!

Sweets & Treats Ideas

Frozen Treats Table Idea Frozen Olaf Brownies How To Frozen Snowflake Cookies How To
Eternal winter has never been so sweet Olaf knows snowsational brownies when he spots them! Make one-of-a-kind snowflake cookies
How-To How-To
Elsa unleashed a blizzard of noms!
Lovable Olaf the Snowman leaves a lasting impression with these Frozen brownies.
Let it snow! Bake and ice these gorgeous cookies according to the Frozen Snowflake Cookies How-To.
Frozen Olaf Marshmallow Pops How To Frozen Cupcakes How To Snowflake Crispy Rice Cereal Cake How To
Olaf treats worth melting for! Have an icy blast with Frozen cupcakes! Dazzle them with a yummy crispy rice cake
How-To How-To How-To
Build a miniature Olaf the Snowman using Frozen Icing Decorations and large and small marshmallows.
This cupcake tower is as grand as Elsa's ice palace, but way more tasty!
Whip up a snowflake cake faster than you can say, "Let it go."
Frozen Doughnut Pops How To Frozen Dipped Pretzels How To Frozen Crackers & Cheese How To
"Snowball" doughnut pops are full of Frozen sparkle! Wave (and eat) pretzel icicle wands! Your royal guests will love these savory snacks!
How-To How-To How-To
No magic powers needed to create these edible snowballs that glitter.
Aspiring ice queens will love these pretzel wands!
Just grab your star cookie cutter and Frozen cupcake picks to make cool snowflake crackers & cheese snacks.
Frozen Fruit & Cheese Kabobs How To Frozen Cake How To Frozen Coconut Strawberries How To
Fruit and cheese are "snow" perfect served as kabobs! Thaw frozen hearts with ice queen cake! Give strawberries a dusting of delicious snow!
How-To How-To How-To
Got Frozen cupcake picks? Then you're almost done making these yummy Fruit & Cheese Kabobs!
This snow-gorgeous cake will be the royal star of your winter-themed party or Frozen birthday bash!
These sweet, healthful treats are Elsa's favorite. Create them using the Frozen Coconut Yogurt Strawberries How-To with only three ingredients.
Frozen Olaf Cupcake How To
This tiny Olaf (cupcake) is ready for a warm hug!
Chill out with Olaf Cupcakes that are almost too adorable to eat!

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