DC Super Hero Girls Party Ideas
13 Dynamic Party Ideas!

DC Super Hero Girls Party Ideas

Take flight and discover our super cool ideas for throwing a DC Super Hero Girls birthday party! We have kids' party games, costumes, and decoration ideas to help you gear up and get action-ready for a party your little hero will love. Get help from our guide for the perfect birthday bash featuring all your favorite heroes from Super Hero High!
Party Video Get your cape on!
DC Super Hero Girls

Table Decorating Ideas

The little heroes will have a blast at a party table full of totally epic table decorations and DC Super Hero Girls tableware. Learn how to complete your party room’s look with balloons, swirls and more!
Turn your party room into Super Hero High! Need a Save the Day Alarm for your party?
DC Super Hero Girls Party Table Idea DC Super Hero Girls Table Decorating Idea

Decorating Ideas

Train your inner super-decorator with easy tips on how to turn your party room into a bright, colorful backdrop for your favorite caped crusaders. The kids will be ready to leap into action!
Inspire the heroes to take action Power up the party with a custom banner
DC Super Hero Girls Scene Setter Decorating Idea DC Super Hero Girls Custom Banner Idea

Game & Activity Ideas

Let the heroes-in-training try their moves on a pinata DC Super Hero Girls Pinata Game Idea
It’s time for the kids to unleash their power and suit up for our favorite DC Super Hero Girls party games and activities! The girls can work together to battle a pinata, vanquish a pin-it game, and then celebrate their feats of daring with a fun photo booth!
An action-packed twist on pin-the-tail DC Super Hero Girls Pin It Game Idea “Frame” fun photos of the brave heroes! DC Super Hero Girls Photo Booth Activity Idea

Favor Ideas

Explore our favorite fast and easy ways to pack up party favors for the little heroes! The kids will love having something to take home with them after a long day of world-saving.
Pack a punch with favor cups! Finish favors with super speed
DC Super Hero Girls Favor Cup Idea DC Super Hero Girls Favors for 8 Idea

Dress Up Ideas

This Wonder Woman costume is sure to pack a punch! DC Super Hero Girls Birthday Costume Idea
Wonder Woman has her tiara, Batgirl has her mask, and Supergirl has her iconic red cape. Every hero needs the right gear to help them stop trouble in its tracks! Help your birthday hero find what's just right for her, whether it's a detailed Wonder Woman costume for the big day, or a few carefully chosen crime-fighting accessories.
Make any outfit mighty! DC Super Hero Girls Birthday Outfit Idea Take on dastardly villains in hero gear DC Super Hero Girls Dress Up Idea

Treat Ideas

This cake has a secret identity. While it may simply look like a cake decorated like Wonder Woman's dress, it's really a pull-apart cupcake cake! After the heroes sing Happy Birthday and the candles are blown out, serve up individual cupcakes on cute DC Super Hero Girl plates...no forks required!

Click in for the low-down on how to create a super-memorable, super-fun, and incredibly easy pull-apart cupcake cake for your hero and her squad.

Learn how to create a pull-apart cupcake cake!
DC Super Hero Girls Pull Apart Cupcake Cake