Barbie Cake Idea

Barbie Cake Idea

Decorate a chic cake

No party is complete without cake! Creating this sweet treat for your little go-getter is really a piece of cake! With fondant, pink icing, gumballs, and Barbie candles, you can make this chic cake for your Barbie fan.


Yield 1 Cake Level Intermediate
Barbie Cake How-To
  • Favorite cake mix or recipe
  • Buttercream icing
  • Pink Fondant
  • Pink Gumballs
  • Round cake pan
  • Spatula
  • Fondant roller
  • Barbie Birthday Candles
Follow Instructions
1) Bake Cake
Use a round cake pan and bake your favorite cake. Use multiple layers for extra height.
2) Apply Icing and Fondant
Cover the entire cake with buttercream icing using a spatula. Then roll out the pink fondant and cover the cake with it.
3) Add the Gumballs
Stick pink gumballs around the base of the cake. Use a dot of icing beneath each gumball to help hold it in place.
4) Top It with Candles
Finish it off by placing the Barbie candles on top.

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