Barbie Balloon Tower DIY

Barbie Balloon Tower DIY

Complete your dream house with balloon towers!

Nothing says party quite like balloons! And these colorful balloon towers will have their imaginations soaring! Follow our Balloon Tower How-To and create a colorful background that reflects the fun and creativity of your birthday girl.


Yield 2 Balloon Towers Level Intermediate
Barbie Balloon Tower
  • 2 packs Bright Pink Balloons
  • 2 packs Pink Balloons
  • 2 packs Orange Balloons
  • 2 packs Purple Balloons
  • 2 Barbie Foil Balloons
  • 4 Barbie Balloon Weights
  • 2 Bright Pink Ribbon Kegs
  • OR 1 Barbie Balloon Tower Kit (includes all supplies listed above)
Follow Instructions
Inflate Two Balloons 1) Inflate Two Balloons
Begin by inflating two balloons of two different colors and tying the ends together. All balloons should be uniform in size. Use a hand pump or helium to inflate.
Build the Foundation 2) Build the Foundation
Repeat the first step with two different color balloons. Place them with the other set to make an X shape. Tie ribbon to the center and attach to a balloon weight. We used two balloon weights for extra support! (You will need roughly 70 inches of ribbon for a 6-foot tower.)
Add Additional Layers 3) Add Additional Layers
Make another cluster of four balloons in the same color sequence. Stagger the layers to create the cool spiral effect. Add as many layers as you wish, attaching a ribbon through the center.
Top It Off 4) Top It Off
To complete the balloon tower, inflate a thematic balloon with helium and attach it to the center of the column. All finished!

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