Super Mario Party Ideas
21 Powered-Up Party Ideas!

Super Mario Party Ideas

Mario and Luigi are ready for adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom. With these ideas and decorations it is easy to create a colorful birthday bash in record time.
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Table Decorating Ideas

Power-up your table and party room Super Mario Party Table Idea
Looking for fun ways to 1-up your decorations? With centerpieces, confetti, and more it is easy to put together the coolest table in Mushroom Kingdom.
Awesome decorations with all the essentials Super Mario Essential Decorations Idea A DIY centerpiece to fire up the table Super Mario DIY Centerpiece Idea

Decorating Ideas

Easy balloon towers Super Mario Balloon Tower DIY
You'll be seeing stars with these Super Mario decorating ideas! Follow our lead and come up with some creative ways to power up your party.
Star pinata + balloons = A decorating victory! Super Mario Star Pinata with Balloons A chair decoration and party favor all in one! Super Mario Chair Decorating DIY

Game & Activity Ideas

Gather the gang for pinata time! Super Mario Pinata Game Idea
You don't have to play video games to bring Mario and friends to the party. Browse our super fun activity ideas and take your party to the next level!
It's-a game time Super Mario Pin-It Game Idea A super star photo booth idea Super Mario Photo Booth Idea

Favor Ideas

Favor buckets earn you a super star Super Mario Favor Bucket Idea
Even Bowser and his Koopa Troopa will fall for these fun favor ideas. Gear up for a day of adventure with Super Mario party favors.
Power up with a favor cup Super Mario Favor Cup Idea Fill goodie bags in record time with a favor pack Super Mario Favor Pack for 8 Idea

Dress Up Ideas

A super outfit for the birthday boy Super Mario Birthday Costume Idea
Overalls and big moustaches have never been this cool! Make guests feel like they walked into another land with awesome accessories. Super Mario costumes are great for the birthday adventurer—and have some accessories on-hand for photo booth fun.
Super accessories for the birthday boy Super Mario Birthday Outfit Idea Dress up the whole super crew Super Mario Dress Up Gear Idea

Invitation & Thank You Ideas

Custom invitations get them powered up Super Mario Custom Invite & Thank You Idea
It's-a party time with These Super Mario invitation ideas! Little touches add big power ups to our super invites and get them pumped for the party.
Fill invites with a super surprise Super Mario Invite with Surprise Idea A party pic is a super way to say thanks! Super Mario Photo Thank You Note Idea

Treat Ideas

Even Bowser will devour this treat! Super Mario Cake How-To
Check out the sweetest treats in the Mushroom Kingdom. Everyone will feel like they scored 100 coins with our fantasy-filled Super Mario cake or Princess Peach smoothie.
Smoothies as sweet as Princess Peach Super Mario Princess Peach Smoothie Feel invincible with Super Star Fruit Cups Super Mario Super Stars Fruit Cup

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