SpongeBob Party Ideas
23 Krusty game, cake & favor ideas!

SpongeBob Party Ideas

If nautical nonsense be something you wish, then your son and his friends will love a SpongeBob birthday party! They'll be ready for underwater fun with SpongeBob hats, wristbands and tattoos. Get creative decorating the room with a custom banner that will invite everyone to party under the sea!
Party Video A Bikini Bottom bash!
SpongeBob Party Ideas Video

Table Decorating Ideas

Transform your room into Bikini Bottom SpongeBob Party Table Idea
Hit the beach! The colorful deep-sea bottom is a cheery setting for your SpongeBob fan's birthday. We'll show you how to create the world of Bikini Bottom with SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward and all their friends! See how easy this party is to put together!
Set a sponge-tacular table SpongeBob Place Setting Idea Transform your living room into Bikini Bottom SpongeBob Party Room Idea

Decorating Ideas

A SpongeBob scene setter and giant gliding balloon add instant fun to a room and make for sponge-tastic photo ops!
Bring SpongeBob's bubbly world to life! Snap the best party pix with a giant, gliding SpongeBob!
SpongeBob Photo Booth Idea SpongeBob Gliding Balloon Idea

Game & Activity Ideas

Fill your pinata with favors to make it SpongeBob! SpongeBob Pinata Game Idea
I'm ready! Whether he's working at the Krusty Krab or hanging out with Patrick and Sandy, SpongeBob never misses a chance to play a game of Jellyfishing or bubble blowing with his friends. Our SpongeBob party game ideas will have your guests diving into the fun together just like the Bikini Bottom gang - and working up their appetites for an order of Krabby Patties!
Help SpongeBob catch a jellyfish in his net! SpongeBob Pin-It Game Idea Set out SpongeBob icing decorations for a tasty activity! SpongeBob Cupcake Decorating Idea

Favor Ideas

Deck out party favor buckets with sunken treasure! SpongeBob Favor Bucket Idea
Sand-sational favors! Favors are a great way to make a day of SpongeBob adventure last and last. Our SpongeBob party favor ideas give you easy and creative ways to thank guests for coming to your party!
Load them up with favors for the swim home! SpongeBob Favor Cup Idea Finish your favor bags faster than a speeding boatmobile! SpongeBob Favor Pack for 8 Idea

Dress Up Ideas

Let him soak up the limelight as his favorite smiling sponge! SpongeBob Birthday Costume Idea
Be square! Lovable SpongeBob doesn't go anywhere without his square pants and tie, and the show host, Patchy the Pirate, sports an eye patch every little boy would love to wear! Try these ideas for SpongeBob costumes and accessories to bring the characters to life at your party!
Make any outfit a splashy SpongeBob party outfit! SpongeBob Birthday Outfit Idea Suit up everyone for a Bikini Bottom bash! SpongeBob Dress Up Gear Idea

Invitation & Thank You Idea

Create customized SpongeBob invitations! SpongeBob Custom Invite Idea
Let's party! Time to spread the news that SpongeBob and friends are having a birthday bash! It's a snap with our easy SpongeBob party invitation ideas that get everyone pumped for the big day!
Include a secret party pass for your guests SpongeBob Invite with Surprise Idea Personalize your thank you with a note from SpongeBob! SpongeBob Thank You Note Idea

Cake & Cupcake Ideas

Make splashy SpongeBob cupcakes! SpongeBob Cupcake Tower Idea
Whether you want to decorate simple cupcakes or create a Bikini Bottom masterpiece, take a swim through our sea-sational cake and cupcake ideas!
Create a candy-tastic frosted cake! SpongeBob Fondant Cake How To Invite SpongeBob in the form of a cake! SpongeBob Form Cake How To

Food & Drink Ideas

Great barrier reef! Since SpongeBob is head fry cook at the Krusty Krab, he's gotta have super-duper grub at his birthday party! Try our menu suggestions for party food and drinks to help all those SpongeBob fans keep their sea legs through all the day's adventures!
They'll flip for "Krabby Patties" and SquareSnax! Whip up some Pineapple-Under-the-Sea Floats
SpongeBob Fish Burgers Idea SpongeBob Smoothie Idea

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