Spider Man Party Ideas
18 Marvel-ous ideas for your web-slinger!

Spider Man Party Ideas

Make your little one's Spider-Man party the most heroic ever. Swing through easy ideas for invites, favors, cake and more!
Party Video Swing into action!
Spider-Man Party Ideas Video

Table Decorating Ideas

Report to hero headquarters! Peter Parker's not the only one with amazing powers of transformation. Get inspired by our Spider-Man party decorating ideas for a cool party table!
Set up an amazing table! Give the chair a Spidey-suit to wear!
Spider Man Party Table Idea Spider Man Chair Deco DIY

Decorating Ideas

Make a larger-than-life backdrop! Spider Man Table Cover Cityscape DIY
A Spider-Man scene setter and giant gliding balloon add instant fun to a room and make for Spidey-approved photo ops!
Create a space for superheroes to shine! Spider Man Balloon Column Idea Make web-crawlin' corners in the party room! Spider Man Streamer Web DIY

Dress Up Ideas

Get your Spidey suit on! Spider-Man is instantly recognizable with his red and blue webbed costume. Check out these ideas for the birthday boy and his friends to get in on the costumed superhero fun!
Transform into Spidey with a mask & gloves! Everyone can feel super in cool accessories!
Spider Man Birthday Outfit Idea Spider Man Paper Mask Idea

Game & Activity Ideas

Fill a Spider-Man pinata with treats and toys! Spider Man Pinata Game Idea
Ready for action! Get your superheroes going with these fun Spider-Man activity ideas! These cool Spider-Man games will have them on the move and showing off their superhuman powers.
Help Spidey swing into action! Spider Man Pin It Game Idea Have a giant balloon Spider-Man make a visit! Spider Man Photo Op Idea

Favor Ideas

Wow them with containers of Spider-Man goodies! Spider Man Favor Bucket Idea
Be their superhero! Any Spidey fan would crawl up a skyscraper to get their hands on these truly cool Spider-Man favors. Get inspired by these Spider-Man party favor ideas that will thrill your web-slinging guests!
Fill up a cup of Spider-Man favors! Spider Man Favor Cup Idea Make Spider-Man favors FAST with a favor pack! Spider Man Favor Pack for 8 Idea

Invitation and Thank You Ideas

Send a secret Spidey party pass with your invites! Spider Man Invite with Surprise Idea
Calling all web-slingers! Check out our Spider-Man party invitation ideas for creative ways to send a message to your friends! Let them know they're in for an action-packed party with a pre-party favor or a secret Spidey pass included in their invites - see below for ideas!
Tie on a favor to Spidey invitations! Spider Man Invite with Favor Idea Say thanks for swinging by! Spider Man Thank You Note Idea

Cake Time Ideas

Energize your crime-fighters with cake! Keep your heroes fueled for more fun with a yummy cake inspired by their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Continue reading for the details on this delish dessert.
Cast a wonderful web of decorations on the table! An amazing web-slingin' Spider-Man cake!
Spider Man Place Setting Idea Spider Man Cake How To

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