Planes Cake How To

Planes Cake How To

This cake is just plane fun!

After all the flight time everyone can refuel with cake! Whip up a Planes cake for your crew with a tankful of cool touches like a checkerboard flag pattern, yummy gumballs and an edible airstrip. It even has puffy clouds that you can make yourself! Top it off with official Planes candles featuring Dusty, El Chu and Skipper, and watch the birthday boy and his friends leap sky-high!


Yield Servings vary Level Advanced
Planes Cake
  • 2 boxes cake mix ingredients
  • 2 boxes instant pudding
  • Oreo cookie pie crust
  • White Buttercream Icing
  • Tube of icing gel
  • 1.5lb White Fondant
  • Sky Blue icing color
  • Delphinium icing color (optional)
  • Orange icing color
  • Orange Sixlets® (about 30)
  • Black Sixlets® (about 60)
  • Pearl White gumballs (about 30)
  • 2 - 8 in. cake pans
  • 2 - 6 in. cake pans
  • 12 in. cake board platter
  • Disposable decorating bags
  • Couplers
  • Tip Set #3
  • Tip #10
  • Planes birthday candles
Follow Instructions
1) Prepare fondant squares
Make these first (do not let dry): Make gum-glue by mixing 1/8c water and small bits white fondant until melted. Make 65 orange fondant squares (step 8).
2) Cover cakes
To prepare cake rounds to be covered with fondant, split and level. Add a coat of thin buttercream icing to crumb coat. Just before you are ready to cover add a thin layer of gel to the bottom of the round to secure fondant.
3) Prepare bottom tier
To create bottom tier, ice top of the cake and layer crushed Oreo cookie crust, spread across top of cake. Knead out about 1 lb white fondant with two dots of Sky Blue icing color (optional: add 2 dots Delphinium Blue to get the exact shade shown). Roll out fondant 5 in. x 13 in.. Lay over side of cake and smooth. Remove excess fondant from bottom with paring knife. Gently move the cookie top to the edge of the fondant to close any gaps in the icing.
4) Prepare top tier
To create top tier, knead out excess blue fondant from top tier. Add about equal amount of white fondant and pull out to create a tie-dye look of wispy clouds. Roll out fondant to about 12 in. round. Lay over top of cake and smooth top and sides. Remove excess fondant from bottom with paring knife.
5) Assemble cakes
Layer cakes on cake board.
6) Attach Sixlets
With Black buttercream in a disposable bag with tip #3, place small dots around the 6 in. base and add black Sixlets®.
7) Attach gumballs
Alternate the large white gumballs with the orange Sixlets® and secure with buttercream. Use Sky Blue icing color to create a light blue buttercream in a disposable bag and use tip #3. Use white buttercream in a disposable bag with tip #10.
8) Create checkerboard
Knead 1/2 lb white fondant with several dots of Orange icing color. Roll out fondant and cut 65 squares. Starting at back of cake, checkerboard the squares so that the top square is slightly below the top of your 8 in. tier. Continue around to the back. Fill in with a smaller square to make them fit at the back.
9) Attach fondant clouds
Knead out a small amount of white fondant into a light and rather flat cloud shape. Gum-glue these to the cake. Use imagination to give structure and texture to the shapes and even dust a little color to them, but be sure they are not too heavy for the cake.
10) Finish the look
Finish off the cake by piping a thin dashed line of white buttercream to create the airstrip markers. A winning finish for your revved up Planes party!

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