My Little Pony Sweets & Treats

My Little Pony Sweets & Treats

My Little Treats Table!

Friendship is magic, and so are these sweets!
Mark your cutie's birthday with a spread to rival any sweet shop! Fill your platters with My Little Pony themed cookies, strawberries, cake and more that are styled with pink and (Twilight) sparkly sugar. Keep clicking for the treat ideas and their how-to's from the experts at Wilton!

Sweets & Treats Ideas

My Little Pony Cupcake How To Pinkie Pie Cake How To Rainbow Dash Pretzel Pops How To
Three-tiered cupcakes! Decorate a Pinkie Pie cake for your birthday pony! Dash over to get the rainbow pretzel how-to!
Complete your favorite cupcakes with themed icing and baking cups!
A Pinkie Pie cake is the party's cutie mark!
Rainbow Dash pretzel sticks for the flyers!
My Little Pony Sparkle Cookies How To My Little Pony Candy Covered Strawberries How To My Little Pony Marshmallow Pops How To
Sparkle cookies are made of yum! Sweet strawberries for your ponies! Cutie Marshmallows!
Put a little (Twilight) sparkle on your cookies!
Strawberries are better than sugar cubes!
Candy + marshmallows = a fluffy sweet treat!

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