A Party at Hometree!
Avatar Party Ideas

The world of Pandora awaits! The enchanting home planet of the Na'vi people makes a great setting for an Avatar Party – with inspiration from clan leader Eytukan and his daughter Neytiri, mysterious flying animals, glowing plant life and Hometree itself. Make your Avatar party out of this world!


Be One of Us! Avatar Party Invitation Ideas

Send out the call to all of your young Avatar fan’s “clan” members to gather for an unforgettable party with all of the magic of Pandora. Take your cue from the futuristic Avatar color palette and add something personal to get everyone excited about stepping into the world of Avatar.

Call your clan with a themed invite

There's no electrochemical communication like the glowing Tree of Souls quite yet, so we'll have to use invitations. Let your kid's friends in on the secret with Avatar Invitations and inside write “Meet at the Tree of Souls” or “Join us at Hometree.” Make your invitations stand out with one of these far-out ideas:

Use easy add-ons to make Avatar invitations a little more special

Add more life to the inside of your invites or the outside of your envelopes with Avatar Stickers. Then use a Silver Metallic Sharpie Marker to write a creative verse like "Assume your Avatar identity and join us to save the Na'vi from the Sky People!"

Share photos to say "thank you" from your Na'vi family to theirs

The Na'vi are grateful for the gifts from Eywa, so make sure you show how grateful you and your guest of honor are for friends' generous birthday gifts. It's so easy with Avatar Thank You Notes. Include photos from the party of everyone in their Na'vi makeup. Seal the envelopes with a Splashy Star Sticker, a nod to the six years of space travel that transports the Sky People to Pandora.
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Movie Party! Avatar Games & Activity Ideas

Pandora is an exciting world filled with memorable experiences, and your Avatar birthday party can be, too! Our Avatar party game and activities ideas are fun and easy to bring to life at your party!

I see you: Watch the movie and rewrite the scene

Part of the fun of any movie-themed party is reliving your favorite parts of the movie – or how about playing a part in the movie?

  • Let the kids rewatch Avatar as a party activity – and add an improv twist! Have guests shout out their favorite scenes (agree on three).
  • As you all watch the movie together, pause it after each of those scenes plays.
  • Get volunteers from your “audience” to act out a plot twist or alternate ending they would have liked better for that scene. The best actors win a prize like a Glow in the Dark Balls!

Do you know the Na'vi?

Jake Sully spent three months living among the Na’vi to learn their ways. How well do you know them?

  • Before the party, sit down with your guest of honor to find and write down the answers to Avatar movie trivia questions like, "What's the name of the flying animals that the Na’vi ride?" ... “What is the name of the mineral the soldiers are looking for?” ... “Which character died after being wounded by Quaritch?” ... ‘What is the name of the Omaticaya clan shaman?”
  • After you all watch the Avatar movie during the party, ask your guests these questions and have them write down their answers with Prism Pencils on Prism Notepads. Reward the one who gets the most answers right with a special treat like a Glow Bracelet.

Play the "Control your Avatar" game

Play the Avatar version of the familiar party game, where one person shouts directions to another person who is blindfolded. The blindfolded person makes his way through an obstacle course across the backyard. Whoever makes it through with the best time wins a Pandora-perfect prize like a Glow Party Wand.
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Leave Them Glowing! Avatar Party Favor Ideas

Be sure to thank your guests for helping save the Na'vi! Our Avatar party favor ideas will send them home with themed reminders of a fun party. They'll want Avatars of their own, so they can play with these toys when they're asleep!

Take home a piece of Pandora with personalized favors

Treat the members in your clan with a favor that you made yourself. Start with Blue Loot Bags, write each guest's name on the front and fill it with Iridescent Shimmering Shred. Stuffed the bag with things like Whirl a Copters, Glow in the Dark Bounce Balls, Warheads Mega Mix Candy and Blue Glow Necklaces that your guests will enjoy long after leaving the Hallelujah Mountains.

Capture the moment with a photo favor

Help the kids get into character with a Na'vi Spear and Bow and Arrow Set (both available in August). Let them strike a warrior pose while you snap photos! You can either give out some of the photos at the end of the party as party favors, or send them later in the envelopes with your Avatar Thank You Notes.

Try some out-of-this-world favor containers!

Pandora is a fantastical place, so why shouldn't your Avatar party favors be fantastically unexpected, too? Party City offers many unique favor containers that can't be found anywhere else. For your Avatar party we suggest a Blue Favor Ball, Folding Favor Box in Blue or Blue Plastic Bucket.
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Blue Planet! Avatar Party Decorating Ideas

The planet Pandora is a mystical place with strange animals, glowing plant life, and the blue Na'vi people. Choose a blue, silver and glow-in-the-dark decorating theme to transform your home into a place where you could imagine Jake Sully running and Neytiri flying.

Let it be blue! Decorating ideas to re-create the world of Pandora

Blue is big on Pandora, so why not go all out with it?

Fly high with balloons in the palette of Avatar

Balloons are a must-have for every party, and an Avatar birthday party is no exception. A balloon bouquet with blue, silver and black balloons will send the message "Avatars welcome here" and give your party decorations height and impact. Try these ideas to make the most of your balloon bouquet:
  • Attach the bouquet to your food table or gift table to really bring it to life!
  • Help guests find the party by tying a balloon bouquet to the mailbox, the front of your apartment building or a fence post near your driveway.

Create a blue buffet fit for a Na'vi prince or princess

With a few easy ideas, you can quickly transform your dining room into a place where Neytiri and Jake Sully would sit down to dine. TIP: Be sure to buy 50 percent more plates, napkins and cups than you think you'll need to accommodate any unexpected guests or mishaps! The Avatar Lunch Plates and Lunch Napkins look amazing when paired with Transparent Blue Plastic Wine Glasses and Silver Forks.
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Put on a Na'vi Face! Avatar Costumes & Dress-Up Ideas

The movie Avatar creates such a magical scene that everyone wants to join the Na'vi tribe. To look like Neytiri, think about everything from the hair to the blue skin to the clothes. It's easy to look the part – our Avatar costume ideas will show you how.

Transform into your Avatar with Na'vi makeup

Become your own Avatar! You may not be able to grow to twice your size, but you can have the blue skin and neon war-paint with Blue Face Paint and Na'vi Makeup Kit (available in August). Braid your hair and apply Glow Hair and Body Glitter Gel. You're one of them now! Now that you know how, help every guest transform into a Na'vi when they arrive at the party.

Say 'Na'vi' in every party photo! More ways to step into the world of Pandora

Make a full transformation with realistic costumes (products available in August)! Become Jake with a Jake Sully Mask and Wig, or look like Neytiri with an Avatar Neytiri Costume, Neytiri Wig, and Avatar Ears. Bonus points for giving the Na'vi language a try, too!

Be a good soldier

If you love camouflage and want to help the tribes defeat Colonel Quaritch and the RDA Corporation, how about dressing up as a soldier looking for Pandora's precious mineral called unobtainium? Your little Avatar fan can wear the Military Soldier Boy Costume topped off with a Camouflage Party Hat and a pair of Camouflage Binoculars. Finish off the look with realistic-looking stripes from the Camouflage Face Paint. All aboard Rogue One!
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Serve Up Na'vi Snacks! Avatar Party Food Ideas

It takes energy to leap and fly the way the Na'vi (and your kids) do! Continue the theme with our Avatar party food guaranteed to keep your Avatar fans fueled up and ready for anything. Just in time for more games!

Bake ethereal cupcakes

Birthday candles all aglow are the next best thing to bioluminescent leaves, stems and roots! Bake your cupcakes in Silver Party Cups and top them in blue frosting dyed with food coloring. Use Glow in the Dark Birthday Candles and pile them on the Cupcakes N'More Dessert Stand for a dramatic display. Serve up your luminescent treats on Avatar Dessert Plates.

Delight in decadent finger foods!

For a blue drink everyone will love, try a mixture of Cool Blue Gatorade, lemon-lime soda, white cranberry juice, a little sugar as needed, and scoops of lemon sherbet. Keep the combined mixture ready on the table in a Cobalt Blue Serving Bowl, and serve it in Avatar Cups when all those Na'vi tribe members and Sky People get thirsty.

Keep the color scheme going strong with... that's right – blue food!

Stay true to blue! Play out the blue color palette all the way through to your party food menu. These ideas are guaranteed to inspire lots of smiles for those party photos – and it's a great conversation starter.
  • Blueberries, Blue Otter Pops and blue corn chips are the easy ones!
  • But to go above and beyond, all you need is blue food coloring!
  • Add it to everything from popcorn to homemade Rice Krispie Treats to Sprite as a fast and easy blue punch.
  • Create a blue candy buffet by setting out bowls and jars filled with blue raspberry Jolly Rancher Candies, blue M&M's, blue Skittles and Royal Blue Party Mints. Set out Dessert Plates for serving or Blue Favor Boxes for taking home as a party favor. The kids will do a double-take at the sea of blue your candy buffet creates!
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