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is only a short walk away, and Rover is at the ready! No need for a seeing-eye dog to spot the advantages of dressing up your pooch this Halloween; sure, you'll garner some attention as a muscle chest Batman, but dog Batman will get ten times the laughs and attention — guaranteed.

And so, for maximum effect, we offer dog costumes for dozens of well-known characters, male and female, enabling your canine to star in the group costume outing. All dog Halloween costumes are designed not only for humor and cuteness, they're made for comfort as well, because a costume does no good if your pet refuses to wear it. Jumpsuits are soft and adjustable, fastening in the middle underneath. Headpieces are adjustable as well, and all pet costumes are sized, just like costumes for human beings.

Jumpsuits are machine washable, just like outfits for kids, and low, low prices make all costumes, even deluxe dog costumes, as affordable as a costume accessory. So if you love Halloween, if you really love Halloween, make your pet a part of your experience this year. He or she will be forever grateful — no separation anxiety as you go out!

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