Halloween Decorations & Supplies

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It's that time of year: Halloween decorations are going up all over the neighborhood, and no self-respecting homeowner wants to be outdone! Skeleton decorations are planted in garden plots, light-up zombie graveyard decorations are staked into the ground, and Halloween tombstone decorations are carefully arranged along walkways to greet the party guests.

Have you worked out your budget and Halloween decorating strategy? Do you lean towards the gruesome, spooky, and scary, or do you favor a more family-friendly approach? Like most people, does your preference in Halloween decorations lie somewhere in between — just a little bit scary, but not enough to give small children nightmares?

At Party City, there's something for every budget and taste: deluxe animated Halloween props that greet unsuspecting trick-or-treaters with flailing limbs and terrifying wails, kid-friendly ghost lights, LED jack-o-lanterns, and cutout decorations, and some completely off-the-wall Halloween decorations that may have you alternately laughing hysterically of jumping with fright.

Unlike some of our competitors, we test all products for quality and safety. Our online inventory of Halloween decorations and party supplies is backed by over 800 retail stores across the USA, and reinforced by the accumulated wisdom of nearly 35 years in the Halloween business. We invite you to comparison shop — the more you look the more you'll love our prices, our exceptional selection, and our friendly sales and customer service representatives.

Questions? Please visit your local Party City store, or contact one of our customer service reps who will help you place an order or address concerns you may have about size, shipping, delivery dates, and anything else Halloween-related.