Minnie Mouse Birthday
Party Ideas Guide

Your birthday girl and her friends will love our two creative spins on a Minnie Mouse party. We'll show you how to create a retro Minnie's Ice Cream Shop – or pair the Minnie Mouse pattern with pretty pink and polka-dot decorations. Try these Minnie Mouse party ideas to make her birthday unforgettable!

Minnie Mouse Party Invitation Ideas

Invite all her Minnie-loving friends!

Minnie yodels "Yoo-hoo!" when she wants to get the attention of Pluto or her cat Figaro. You'll want an equally charming way to invite your child's friends to this Minnie-fied birthday party. Our Minnie Mouse party invitation ideas will delight her and her friends – and they're super easy!

Personalize it with custom invites and Minnie Mouse confetti!

Think of a message like, "Meet us at Minnie's Malt Shop … It's going to be sweet!" for Minnie Mouse Custom Invitations. We'll inscribe your message on every card and ship them within five days. Sprinkle a little Minnie Mouse Confetti (it's BIG and shaped like Minnie and her friends) or Metallic Dazzle Dots Confetti inside each envelope and seal with a Minnie Mouse Sticker!

Jazz up FAST fill-in invites with tattoos to wear to the party!

You can save time with fill-in invitations but still include extras that create excitement about your party! Slip a fun Minnie Mouse Tattoo inside the envelope with fill-in Minnie Mouse Invitations, and tell each guest to wear it to the party as a secret party pass! Sprinkle a little confetti inside, just for fun!

Hand-deliver your invites with a Minnie favor tied onto the envelope

If you're hand-delivering your invitations (grade school kids love handing out invites at school), punch a hole in the corner of the envelope and attach a Minnie Mouse Hair Pony with Turquoise Curling Ribbon. With the Minnie Mouse Party Invitation, the effect is as festive and feminine as Minnie with her polka-dot hair bow! Sprinkle a little confetti inside, because you know how Minnie loves her polka-dots!

Minnie Mouse Thank You Note Ideas for a Happy Ending

Personalize it with a custom thank you note from Minnie – so sweet!

Minnie always lets her party guests know how much fun she had with them! Minnie Mouse Custom Thank You Notes are an easy way for your birthday girl to do the same with a personal message inscribed on the card. They'll be ready to ship within five days. Sprinkle confetti inside each envelope, and seal the envelope with Minnie Mouse Stickers.

Add photos to thank you notes to create scrapbook treasures

Save time by sending fill-in Minnie Mouse Thank You Notes – and make them more special by including photos from the party. (Getting the kids to pose next to the Minnie Mouse Party Game poster, Life-Size Cutout or Minnie Mouse Balloon makes it easy to get super-cute photos!) Sprinkle a little confetti inside each envelope and seal with a Minnie Mouse Sticker.

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Minnie Mouse Party Games & Activity Ideas

Set up some mouse-nificent party games!

Keep the party rolling with Minnie Mouse party game and activity ideas that follow your Minnie Mouse theme – from the pinata to a retro-inspired ice cream shop "sock hop."

Fill your pinata with favors to make it more Minnie!

We love how this Ice Cream Cone Pinata goes with the Minnie's Ice Cream Shop party theme! Or keep it all-Minnie, all the time with a Minnie Mouse Pull String Pinata. Either way, try these ideas to make the whole pinata game Minnie-themed:

Include Minnie-approved favors inside like Minnie Mouse Erasers. Don't forget some candy too, like Kiddie Mix Candy. Hand out Minnie Mouse Treat Bags for kids to collect the loot! Use a hot pink Glitzy Girl Eye Mask as a blindfold and let guests take turns with a Pinata Bat!

Turn dress-up into a Fashion Station activity!

Little girls love to get dressed up and put on glamorous makeup. They'll love getting dolled up to their hearts' content at Minnie's Fashion Station!

Pin the flower on Minnie!

Give the classic birthday party game a Minnie-fied spin by playing Pin the Flower on Minnie with the Minnie Mouse Party Game. Hang the poster with Sticky Tack or Clear Sticky Tabs. Give players the flowers from the included sticker sheets, and see who can come closest to placing the flower on Minnie's dress. We used a hot pink Glitzy Girl Eye Mask as a fun blindfold!

Spin Minnie and Mickey's fave music and play musical chairs!

Pop in a fun soundtrack like the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Music CD or At the Hop! '50s Party Music CD. Minnie and her friends love to dance sock-hop style – so at the end of the game, let all the kids dance! You can even lead them in doing a retro dance like the twist or the hokey pokey.

Hand out Minnie prizes to make everyone a winner!

Prizes make party games even more fun! Reward everyone with Minnie Mouse Bubbles, Mickey Mouse Card Games or Minnie Mouse Mini Paddle Ball Games. Or hand out Mini Trophies that come in a set, so it's easy to make every Mouseketeer feel like a winner!

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Minnie Mouse Party Favor Ideas

Put together fabulous Minnie favors in a flash!

Minnie Mouse likes to say "aren't you sweet" when her friends do something nice. Favors are a perfect way to say thanks for making my birthday special! Our party favor ideas will help your guests take the Minnie Mouse party fun home with them!

Fill up Minnie purses for fashionable favors fast!

After a day of dancing and games, Minnie and the gang will be ready for some pampering! Send them home with favors that make it easy to get as dolled up as Minnie always is. Start with a Minnie Mouse Favor Purse and attach a Flower Mirror Keychain to the handle of the gift bag. Add two Minnie Mouse Hair Bands, a Rainbow Stripe Emery Board, Glitzy Girl Nail Polish and a sweet Candy Necklace.

Transform Minnie Mouse party cups into adorable favor creations

This is one of our favorite party favor ideas because it's so easy and affordable but looks like you went all-out! And you won't see these at just any Minnie Mouse party. Start with reusable Minnie Mouse Plastic Party Cups. Line them with Pink Crinkle Cut Shreds. Top with crafty goodies like Minnie Mouse Pencils, Sharpeners and Memo Pads. Add a sweet touch with Wonka Mix Ups Candy that comes in a handy value pack. Slip the cup inside a Clear Favor Bag and tie the top with Magenta and Tourquoise Curling Ribbon.

Dress up unique favor containers to create Minnie Mouse favors

Try this simple way to create themed favors from fun containers that can be as Minnie-ized as you like – and easily varied for boy guests

Grab ready-to-go favor packs and check favors off your list in a flash

If you're short on shopping and setup time but still want to thrill those Minnie fans, you'll love these complete Minnie Mouse favor sets.

The Minnie Mouse Favor Value Pack includes eight treat bags and a set of fun Minnie party favors – puzzles, whistles, watches and kaleidoscopes – to fill each bag. Just place a set in each bag to make colorful favors for eight guests. The Minnie Mouse Goody Bag comes prefilled and sealed in an adorable Minnie Mouse box shaped like a bag. Each guest gets a complete set of coordinating Minnie Mouse themed favors – hair band, sticker, mirror, comb and fun finger puppets!

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Minnie Mouse Party Decorating Ideas

Discover two creative ways to decorate for a Minnie Mouse party!

Try our retro Minnie's Ice Cream Shop theme or see how we paired the Minnie Mouse party pattern with coordinates like pink polka-dot napkins. Pick your little girl's fave theme to bring Minnie's world to life at her party!

Whip up a Minnie's Ice Cream Shop decorating spin on your party

Minnie fans will be thrilled to spend the day in her ice cream shop! Minnie's polka dots and perky retro style make our '50s ice cream shop scene work perfectly with the Minnie decorations. You won't see this at just any Minnie Mouse party!

Accent colorful Minnie decorations with lots o' pink and polka-dots!

Make some Minnie Mouse party magic with these easy ways to coordinate the Minnie pattern with pink and polka-dot decorations to create a really WOW look.

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Minnie Mouse Costumes & Dress-Up Ideas

Make her into Minnie!

From her mouse ears to her polka-dots, Mickey's best gal is decked out in dress-up inspiration! Our Minnie Mouse party dress-up ideas make it easy to turn the birthday girl into Minnie – and her party guests into Clubhouse pals.

Dress your birthday girl as Minnie to make her day more special!

Let your favorite Minnie Mouse fan dress the part! Give your girl an early birthday gift by letting her dress up for her special day in the Pink Minnie Mouse Costume or the Girls Minnie Mouse Costume. Both come complete with Minnie's signature black ears and pink bow. She'll be ecstatic to look just like Minnie for her party!

Give her Minnie accessories to wear at the party

If the birthday girl wants to wear her own dress instead of a costume, she'll still love wearing something that shows everyone she's the birthday girl! Give her an authentic Minnie Mouse Ears Headband – this one's pre-adorned with Minnie's signature pink-and-white polka-dot bow! And don't forget a Minnie Mouse Awesome Ribbon. Kids absolutely love wearing a special ribbon on their birthday!

Give everyone mouse ears to get friends in on the dress-up fun!

Little girls live for dress-up play! So start the Minnie Mouse party fun right at the door by giving each guest a pair of paper Mouse Ears. They bring on smiles instantly, come in budget-friendly value packs, and double as party favors!

Dress like a Minnie Mom and play a part at the party!

Kids love it when parents get a little silly! Even the shyest party guests will let their hair down at your Minnie Mouse birthday party when they see the grown-ups playing along. Go all-out with a full-on Adult Minnie Mouse Costume. Or just accessorize with a Minnie Mouse Ears Headband and White Gloves.

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Minnie Mouse Party Food Ideas

Whip up Minnie's favorite party food!

Minnie and the girls will love snacking on Daisy cupcakes, Minnie-ature diner fare and Minnie's Ice Cream Shop treats. Try these party food ideas to give your party a classic drive-in flavor.

Create a cupcake tower with Minnie on top!

Dress up the birthday girl's favorite flavor of cupcakes in Dancing Daisy Baking Cups. They'll look irresistible – and double as a party table decoration – displayed in this pretty Cupcake Stand. Place the special Minnie Mouse Candle on the top cupcake for the birthday girl, and decorate the rest with Dancing Daisy Icing Decorations.

Give Minnie party cups a retro look with pretty pink Minnie Floats

These yummy Minnie floats are straight out of a '50s diner! Pour strawberry soda into Minnie Mouse Cups and top with a scoop of raspberry ice cream or sherbet. Serve with curvy Krazy Straws. The kids will love taking their straws home with them as party favors!

Serve up baskets of '50s diner fare with all the fancy fixin's

Top off the '50s drive-in feel of the ice cream shop theme with this easy idea that will fill 'em up and keep everyone having fun. Bring out hot dogs, turkey dogs or veggie dogs in Red and Yellow Baskets lined with parchment paper. Serve condiments in restaurant-style Ketchup and Mustard Squeeze Bottles. Now this is a party!

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